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Fun Surge Event / Sleeping Beauty / Twas Time For Hugs *^_^*!

After that last post, I encountered awesome stuff :D!

I was jolted awake as I heard rushing sounds, heard whirring sounds, and felt energy crackling over my body. I vocalized as an energy surge took place (*worries as hears the house creak as I type*)..... . Red, purple, and pink flashes / colors pulsed like waves in my visual field...... .

I had my energy regulation gemstone array with yesterday's mined Black Kyanite / Golden Sillimanite beside me.......

...., but I still worried about the house.

For a while I just kept lying down on me back, and watching my room doorway because I was in a vulnerable state. I soon sensed a presence in the room, and then felt a weight on my chest and body. I relaxed, recognizing a monkey's innocent and hope charged aura / emotions.

After a couple more waves of surges, everything went white......... .

When I next woke, I found my bed clothing / items strewn about a snowy or ashen expanse. I did not see this house, nor the mountain environment....... . I wandered around the expanse, trying to gather my bed items.

For the next while....I spent much of my time flying around the eerie expanse, and seeking cute girls (*grins*).

I got woozy though, so I chose a spot to land and rest.

When I next woke up next, I saw a coliseum / arena like location which had a neat architecture..... . On a couch not far from me, I (!!!) saw this beautiful little monkey woman, a peaceful and gentle looking lifeform ~~~, peacefully sleeping. She was adorable *^_^*. She was soothingly beyond anime. She was wearing what looked like a long and black maid's attire which was intricately tailored, and complete with an apron and adorable little shoes. I felt like I knew her somehow (*blinks*), so I walked up to the couch, and sat beside her. I caressed her shoulder length black / dark purple hair, and was astounded by how ***soft*** her hair was (after only noting at rough and scratchy Negro 'hair' for the last III decades)..... . I caressed her cheek, seeing if I could gently wake her, but she seemed comforted by my touch (*blushes as remembers hyperdimensional touch lesson from last week*), and kept resting peacefully.I tried then to gently take hold of her petite and delicate shoulders, and give the lightest "shake" (*blush*) I could. Little sleepy cutiepuff opened her eyes sleepily, and trusting gazed into my eyes, and blinked warmly. She must've really been sleepy, so I caressed her hair again wishing her peace and comfort, and got up to go exploring ~~~ and let her rest.

Continuing to explore the neat location, I decided to train :D. I did handstand pushups, and explored the area while "running" with my hands amidst handstanding. I cringed as a perceptual drop took place though. I suddenly witnessed subanime again :/...... .

Yea, and witnessed a college classroom / auditorium type setup.

Spotting at a 'elite' XX chromosome type in a tube top / tank top and biker shorts sitting to a desk, I did handstand leaps up multiple levels of the slanted room, and tried to "shoot the breeze". I asked why I was not sore after yesterday's weightlifting, and asked if I ate (lol) too much in regard to tenders, brisket, and BBQ. I witnessed a curt "yes" (lol)....... . I then playfully asked what I should eat, and noted the blond XX type shoot down at every option I listed. I then caught at the XX type shoot a flirtatious glance at me, and then "stretch", making sure that the DD / E / F / G cup WMD's (*chuckles*) were thrust out. I shook my head :P, and then resumed my handstand training by hand hopping from desk to desk to the lower levels of the room.

My ears perked when I heard at another voice above..... . Hmm? I noted the 2003 WCU Reynolds Hall 3rd floor RA sitting about where I had sat priorly. Recalling at the 'crush' the RA had at me, I decided to go investigate :D. By the time I reached the desk, a shift event was in full swing......., and whereby I had noted "Paris" moments before, I suddenly suddenly saw a being who had long reddish hair. Luminous hair. Reddish hair which perhaps was intermixed with yellow and orange strands..... . I sat down, and watched a while.... . I asked if a hyperdimensional being was present. Yea, and then..., as cheerful golden energy surged within me, I then suddenly gave a welcoming hug (*cackles*) to the being...... . As I did that, I noted the XX type athletic wear blond hug at the being.

Um, I dunno. What happened next was trippy. The fiery hair individual seemed to go hysterical, and cover their eyes / face with their hands. Amidst the hug to the individual....I noticed very slender and delicate shoulders, and a very slender body *O_O*. I also noted a stream of 'curse' 'words'.......... . Did I note deep sobbing???? Seemingly so. The hysterical individual rested into my embrace as if it was deeply needed for support (!?!??!?!?).....though. (*Exhales with worry*). I worry a bit now (*hears my ears whir*), because I may have just witnessed Finkelris dubbing at Dawn (!!!!!!!) (*cackles*)...… .

I soon woke up back here (*blush*), but perceived a tearful and passionate kiss (*gulps*) as if it were a "reminder" (*blinks*) *O_O*.... .
Tags: contact event, hyperdimensional lifeforms, surge event
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