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A Hug A Day / Tifa Tifa Test Time / A Mysterious Oracle

Wow *O_O*.

Times are awesome around here.

I can say it with certainty now...... . Big things are coming, and I do not mean some 9.# quakes like last time.

Yea, I want to give more of those hugs (*blushes red*), hugs to my immaculately beautiful _______________. I'm thirsty for more of those delicious and nourishing hugs (*swoons*) *^_^*.

Okay, I'll do my mini report on here, and then go push steel / lift some weights (*turns blue with embarrassment and worry as recalls how tiny I seemed earlier today.....as I witnessed '5D Barret'....*).


I was tied up with training IRL, so I did not post about the following yesterday..... . Yea..though. During a certain event, either here, or dimension diving, I actually hugged *O_O* the starry maiden mentioned in my last starry maiden post. Although my vision was very very dark and blurry, I could recognize her by her aura. Along with hugging her, I also delicately picked her up (*blushes*), and carried her on my shoulder for a while as I explored an eerie futuristic cityscape. As she sat on my shoulder, she nestled to me. She loved me *O_O*....... . I could taste it. Feeling pumped, I delicately took hold of her, and lowered her to the ground. Feeling inspired, I did a pose (*cackles*)........... . Fueled by her faith and trust in me, perhaps an aura surge event took place? Either that, or I fainted in a stunned manner, or both....:P.

I was quite startled when I got back to here yesterday. You see, as a whole, I usually hold from touching........period...whether here or dimension diving. (*Ponders*).

Okay, well last night / this morning had even more surprises in store.

I found myself awaking to a very very eerie scene..... . It was like I was checking this place, this realm, but I had witnessed or was witnessing a '5D' 'transformation' (???????). I could perceive across the axis of this realm, a layer of energy..., a veritable ocean of it. Maybe I witnessed a '6d' transformation'......, because my hair (!!!!) was blowing and flowing with the currents of multiple types of energy which I apparently had access to...... . That's when I realized that I *had* hair that could flow in the wind, and my starlike form popped from my body. Briefly surveying the location, I witnessed a "transforming" North Carolina beach locale (????)....., and noted (*squints*) a bunch of "Final Fantasy 7" blokes standing around O_O...... . -_-... . :/ ........ . (*Sighs*). I witnessed a weird '5d' 'subanime' 'Tifa' grafting at me, and I was (*cackles*) apparently already in the process of materializing some gosh darned ***pants*** and tactical armor for myself (lol)... .

Soon back to my prior point of view, I stood....with energy flowing across my body and through my hair..... . I actually did enjoy the sensation of my hair all flowy and tingly and flying and stuff *^_^*. But I had work to do, so I approached at "Barrett" and "Cloud". Barret was gruffly talkin bout sumthin... . I walked forward to try to listen, but then held in my tracks. Uhhhhh, dude, Barret, was gargantuan..... . I decided to do a test for some reason, and did some tentative fist taps (with defense shields up) at Barret's inhuman biceps, and thus went white with shock at the power in dem thangs.... . Yikes. Naw...... .

I was not going to risk a fight nor an ambush. No... . Not with me so tiny, and not whilst witnessing a 'p______________' 'male' 'body' 'which' could not generate vast vast quantities of elemental energy for defensive purposes. I was not going to be a victim. That said, I guess I caused a collapse type event, making everything go black.

(*Notices that report portion went into unexpected detail and length*).

When I next opened my eyes, I guess I was back to noting a 6'3 "muscle man" (the usual).....as I examined myself. I was in a bed, a room, in a futuristic setting. I got up, and set forth to explore and look for adventures ^_^. Within moments of walking through a hallway, I saw and sensed a familiar presence (!!!) approach from a linked hallway. I gawked...as the starry maiden who I hugged the day before.....approached me. Wow. She was gorgeous (*feels flutters in me tum tum*)..... . She was unmistakably the true and hyperdimensional being which the Yugioh Zexal anime is grafted at..... . She had lovely and soft looking green hair, and was very cute and petite *^_^*. She was wearing a really neat...darkness rainbow type....futuristic looking dress, which had a black base, and rainbow tones mini stripes. The dress formed a neat cuffs / cuffed look about and around her hands. She also carried a folder or something. I lovingly greeted her, even unexpectedly (*swoons*) hugging her yet again ~~~....... . (*Gulps*). Wow her hair was so soft, and she was so warm and cuddly ~~~.... . We spoke for a bit as we walked the hallway, but then I remembered something.

I told her that I would be back, and ran down the hallway to get someting from the room I had been in. Running back to where she stood in the hallway, I showed her a notebook...... . A notebook where I had apparently been sketching her *O_O* (in the same attire) earlier ~~~..... .

A data processing hiccup took place though....., (*winces*) and right as we were talking (*sighs*). Everything just went black.......till I woke up back here, and (???) perceived, via my sense of touch, the caring and gentle being leading me back to the room I was in.......... . I give thanks to that being, I'm going to try for progressively boosted data processing performance for our each and every meeting. And I thank you for your time and care (*tearfully gulps*).


(*Checks the time, and worries about my weightlifting window*).

I think I will write about the oracle event in my other journal.

Time is ticking, and I have training to do.

Yea. I wanna see Tori again *^_^*. I want to hug Tori again ~~~ (*feels my face burning red*) (*gasps as I feel a loving caress*). Yea. She's so awesome *^_^*!!!!
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