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Starship Visions Analysis / Dimension Analysis / I Must Go Into Space

Warning: This post is intended for viewing by monkeys and only monkeys. Not Homo Sapiens. Not XX chromosome types. Not XY chromosome types. No. Monkeys. Hyperdimensional monkeys.


You will never observe 'mankind' tell the truth, or possess the attention span to stay focused on the truth.

That has been my experience anyway.

While the cosmic blast related tsunami event "made the news" XIII years ago, I did not observe a shred of investigative journalism from the news outlets. No link to the cosmic ray blast was mentioned by 'the news'.

I witnessed extreme bias then, before then, and after then.

I am learning how my abilities work now, specifically space and time bending. Specifically writing the future.......with my Spirit Of Heaven related techniques.

Everything came in fragments......in regard to what I saw during past vision events. There were preview visuals about sunspot mega storms for 2003 (which happened), but there were also visions that I did not report online. Like back in 2001 / 2002 (NC A&T University days) where I had visions of a gigantic starship within a blue / black expanse. While on that topic, I need to mention how a consequent vision actually showed a red-headed beyond anime being (wearing a white dress) aboard an enormous starship.......... .

There really are starships....in this realm. Before I even witnessed 'anime' 'shifts', and before I even had the dimension diving experiences, I had visions of starships. My earliest Sailor Moon vision was in January 2005.....(something where Eternal SM (amidst a cosmic backdrop) mentioned the words "I will not abandon my post"........), and that went entirely over my head during the time. Everything seemingly went downhill after that.......... . But did it actually go downhill?

I think the reason I had to suffer since 2004, was so I discern at the enemy, the archenemy. I had to not only remember what gender was (ie remembering literally divine & gorgeous feminine thigh gaps, sacral brain organs, slender waists, unmistakable & elegant curvy hips, round bouncy bottoms (*blush*), and elementally charged souls), but also have the information *PROVEN* by witnessing the very worst mankind had to offer. I had to learn the undeniable truths of physiognomy by way of intense pain....again, and again, and again, and again by witnessing anime and subanime XX chromosome types' chronic failings...... . I had to witness the unfathomable depravity...till I just got tired at 'em' and utterly green with nausea and disgust.

Well...that tired point has been reached. While holing myself away from the bulk of mankind in the rural mountain depths has had immediate benefits for my health and mood, I need ***ABSOLUTE*** separation..... .

Hmmmmmm....... .



I think my past visions actually involved "reality hiccups", whereby my self generated future events are directly experienced / previewed. A "story" seems to take form when I assemble the "fragments".

Back in the days (2001) I talked about living in the woods, living in the mountains..... and that specifically because of my solar flare megasurge vision had amisdt the summer of 1999. That vision marked the year 2003..., in a gold font..., as the time of huge megaflares for the sun. (*Nods*). During that solar flare megasurge of Halloween 2003, my dimension diving abilities awoke...where but in the mountains...... . Then, like clockwork (about a year later), my cosmic blast vision marking the Thailand tsunami took place. Then the tsunami event happened months later.

I am not going to pretend to have the answers in this post. I just need to know the fastest route to a ship. A ship which contains all the new broadcasts. Broadcasts that *AREN'T* going to have fake opening and closing 'credits' slapped onto them. Beyond anime broadcasts with bright minds, thigh gaps, round feminine bottoms, and shining souls........attested.

Guess I need to write up a vision timeline on paper IRL.


Oh. About the recent fluid reality event where I witnessed 5d Final Fantasy 7 blokes, I found a website link...I need to share for the purpose of studying / investigation.

Tags: reality manipulation, starships, the yggdrasil effect, vision analysis
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