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Yesterday's Visions / Life With A Monkey / Hugging Cute Little Monkeys

The newest feature available (as of the last year) for me ~~~ has been what I call "day visions". With them ~~, and whilst awake, I can see visuals, and feel touch sensations from the overworld / the real physical world.

A wakeful state overworld contact event took place yesterday *^_^*. I had visuals of the the being who is Tori / Nina / Pinkie. Specifically ~~ I felt myself being hugged (*blushes*), and that whilst I saw her wavy hair..... . But....her skin seemed somewhat tan. I saw her in her hyperdimensional Mihoshi form?

On a whim last night I did a search at Tenchi Muyo 'anime'.... .

I noted a "new season announcement" O_O........ .

I did not expect much from the 'anime'.. .

I did take notice of an anomaly though............. .

Fact is, in the real world, divine beings / Goddesses with infinite abilities and capacities live in your house (my house anyway *O_O*) (*exhales with gratitude*) (*gives thanks*)..... . They are incredibly humble beings. They can be hugged and cuddled like cute little monkeys *^_^*. They look like cute little monkeys. Yea, due to physiognomy being real, the cutest beings are always the nicest beings, and the most humble and "down to earth" beings..... .

I have been talking about hugging cute little monkeys for years. I have even reported visions whereby I viewed Tokimi.......on this journal long ago.

Yea. I'm ready to be home (*shakes my head*). I have learned my lesson. The only "normal" and sane people, people you can live with, are hyperdimensional Goddesses. They are the people you can share breakfast with, make memories with, and nap beside on a sunny porch. They are the only chill people in existence..... . Only they have free will, and the capacity, heart, and desire to provide a drama free environment.

I want to hug my monkey. I want to hug my monkeys.

I want to hug and continue to be hugged by my monkeys.

Home is where my monkeys are ~~~~ <3.
Tags: memories, monkeys, monkeys are salvation, nostalgia, physiognomy, visions
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