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Train Your Vulnerabilities / Employing Tactical Data Mining / Existential Detective Work

I have reached a new level in my training. Yes. New ground........ . And I think I have an answer as to why I keep reloading this world map............, er, kept reloading this world map.

My deepest vulnerability, in any case, is / was how naive I can be..... . That, and consequent projecting based upon that naivety.

I got lucky by witnessing an African American male 'POV'. I got lucky by witnessing subanime initially rather than anime. I chose to do so, and now I understand why O_O.

Only by having my face down in the dirt.....repeatedly and multiple times, and consequently getting back up to defend myself (multiple times)......did I learn the truth. Only by blocking at ferocious and brutal punches from hordes of homicidal thugs.....did I learn ki manipulation in middle school and high school......(*recalls that initial time I sensed / tasted the energies of the holy land after my eyes closed...due to noting a killer choke hold from Bill R. whilst also enduring at crushing body shots from Geoffrey and T. Miller*). Only by witnessing and enduring at the worst of bullying (*recalls at the fake pseudoscience 'inquisitors'*).....did I release my cosmic blasts and tsunami triggering energies. Only by suffering at the cruelty of the "kirai no oni" and Finkelris strikes......did I come to awaken my newest abilities and knowledge.

Well, now, after III decades...., I have reached new ground. With my projecting issue taken care of, and that through extensive data mining and field testing, I can say that I am not attracted to anime or subanime XX chromosome types. Not even a bit......as far as I can tell. Such a state came with a limitless amount of pain, which probably explained my IRL heart events. However, I can now avoid the traps of gangstalkers / stalkers that would surgically strike at my vulnerable emotions and heart. Specifically my undying adoration for my soulmate bunny / angel starry maiden, and my soulmate wolfy starry maiden.

Even if I were to wake up witnessing anime full-time tomorrow, I would have no interest in, and totally avoid the scripted anime fakes at bunny / angel natured Nina.......and mana wolf natured Dawn. I would avoid the surgical strikes. I would make as much distance as possible.........(just like I tried to do last year).

I do not have to beg the anime fakes for a sign of humanity, a sign of a conscience. I do not have to beg the sadistic anime fakes to "do the right thing". I do not have to be a "beta white knight" either, and thus I am free to judge....at the shortcomings of the anime fakes....and distance myself accordingly. My sense of loyalty does not have to doom me... . No. Not with the results of my training.

I was not ready...in 2004, I was not ready in 2012, and I was not even ready in 2016. I was still projecting..., however slight.

But by data mining at hundreds of animes, and doing years of detective work / field studies IRL to arm and prepare myself, I have the knowledge and awareness to avoid being "chewed up and spat out" by the XX chromosome type enemies that await in the 'anime' 'multiverses'. Yea. Just like I avoided being "chewed up and spat out" (like some poor and deluded beta male cuck) last Autumn, I think I can now do the same amidst the upcoming anime witnessing.....events.

Yea, I gotta defend myself from here on..... . Next time or any time I witness 'subanime' or 'anime' XX chromosome type enemies....attacking at me, I, whatever my pov, must not adhere to "white knight nonsense". I must blast at the threat with my cosmic lightning abilities, and do so with a resolve like steel.

It is a very pain packed path that I walk, but if the dual-trial scenario is not so for this instance, the reason I have been here for over a decade since 2004....is almost certainly because of a safeguard kept in place by my "overwatching self".... . I had to (*cackles*) make and then swallow the "red pill", and then be able to APPLY the knowledge. Subanime and anime are flip sides of the same 'coin'. If I witness anime tomorrow, I will witness the same (!!!!!!) ones I witness now, just with a different "dimensional filter" in place......... . Field experiments IRL have already shown me this.......... .

I get it now..... . (*Hears a roaring / booming sound IRL (???)*).

Subanime is the "B side"......of every anime "A side" entity out there... . (That was a casette tape reference......for the record). Any anime entity has a subanime side. It only takes time and space manipulation (*points to myself*) to study at that "B side".

(*Senses hyperdimensional energy waves.....akin to ripples*).

(*Recalls that time I noted L. Poulakos changed into his animesque XX chromosome type form.....during an initial 2004 dimension related event.... .*).

(*Recalls at him claiming at being Aeris, which I just dismissed at (as "crazy talk") in absolute naivete during the time*).

Ok. I gotta keep training and meditating....... .

I'll certainly witness Finky again, but I'll note Finky in that 'anime' 'Tea' 'state'....... . Can I resist again? (*Notices a heavy rain falling as I write the last couple sentences*).


Update 3/30/17 11:07pm:

I heard a very audible woody sound in the house as I read the above post, but I kept reading on account of a thunder storm taking place. I chocked it up to thunder or something.

Well I got up to perhaps cook another omelet *^_^*, but I froze as I saw the kitchen cabinets eerily wide open O_O.

The box of plastic forks was precipitously hanging from the cabinet...and about to fall (!?!?!?!!?!!?!??!).

I checked to make sure there was no rat, nor rat holes.

There was no rat..... . Oh my gosh *O_O*............. .

It *HAD* to be some kind of spirit activity.

But why my forks? Lol. (*Laughs*).

You hungry? Lol.

(I have not touched that box of forks in months, and certainly not today O_O).

Who is in my house? And that during a thunder storm????

(*Suddenly recalls sensations of wind in my bedroom about that time*).
Tags: anime, data analysis, detective work, dimension manipulation, dimension physics, finky finkles, secrets, subanime, trials
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