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I Acted Like A Noob...... / I Choose To Adapt Rather Than Perish

"Typical enemies are visible, they promote you by being vocal in their hatred of you. Insidious enemies invisibly undermine you by recruiting someone to smear you, or by endorsing your visible enemies. The insidious enemy does not market for you, sometimes he even poses as a friend. Be mindful of him, for he is the Trojan horse."

"You detect Trojans based on what they don’t do rather than what they do. Even when hidden, enemies are usually close. Apply a probability heuristic to your surroundings to identify potential Trojans."

"When we see what we want to see instead of what is, we fool ourselves. All the other person need do is study our desires, and present themselves as such. They show us what we want to see, and we are all too happy to ignore anything extraneous. For this reason, it is clear: the person best suited to deceive you – is you."


I do not intend a 'pity' 'party' here.......... .

My mood and health are showing the effects of my latest realization though..... .

So 'anime' 'worlds' are just viper's dens of enemies? No truly sweet, kind, noble, brave, heroic, gallant, chivalrous, honorable, funny, inquisitive, ambitious, and virtuous women are to be found 'there'??? (*Ponders*).

I avoided a crushing defeat.....in my III decades here then...... . This observatory from which I can study at the subanime side of the anime voidspawn / enemies. Everything has a reason.

Yea, the truth went entirely over my head for so long, as to why I ***HAD*** to be stuck here. So multiversal "redpill" was the key??? (The true version which I have yet to see on any other web location but this journal).

I get it. The real moment where I witness war, is when I...wake up ***HERE*** after a permanent fluid world event........noting an anime XX chromosome type Sailor Moon grafted at me. I'll have to hold on, distance myself at the subanime ones, and build up energy levels and resources to do another permanent fluid world type event whereby hyperdimensional settings are perceived. Then...I can shut down the Infiniversal Routing Gem......... . I likely have, even III decades ago, noted the enemies aware at my goal......... . (*Recalls the time I awoke to a Starfleet ship, maybe even here, only to witness Barclay plunge a dagger at the direction of my sacral brains*).

(*Nods*). Now I understand why I always witness anime warriors ambush at me during fluid world events that take place ***HERE***...... . Redpill, and a trained sense of observation (at ones with flat butts and no thigh gaps in sight) were needed to dodge the *DEADLY* shivs from passive agressive and duplicitous enemies after a decisive fluid world event..... . Yea. I have only just realized that I was saved from a crushing defeat....... .

Hmmmmmmm. The limitless innate instinctual faith and instinctual belief in "goodness" and "goodness in the hearts of people" which I held and displayed.......was just more proof of my experiences / past on a higher plane..., an infinitely higher plane. My projection was based upon my memories of a higher plane, and what it personally feels like on a moment by moment basis to be an instinctively happy hyperdimensional being.

Urgh. I'm gonna go make me a sammich........ .

Before I go, I give thanks to the beings who supported me on my quest. I apologize that it took so long for me to open my eyes (aka seeing things objectively based upon evidence), and adapt accordingly. I was living in my head (a reference to this mindscape zone) in multiple ways.... . But I caught on to that fact, and took desperate and urgent action. (*Recalls at how Alzheimer's victims act*). (*Alzheimer's is actually a state inherent to all mankind...., with only the most severe cases singled out. A man can't process or adapt to new information (aka reality).......even rationalizing violent psychiatric or other antagonistic excuses and accusations at anything that does not fit in with what particular man solipsistically 'projects'...*).
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