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I Came Back Home From Mining And............ / Space Fabric Oscillations / Reality Ripples

I came back from mining yesterday (*continues this report / sentence a day later on account of something I'll report below*)......

I came back from mining on Saturday...to find my basement light turned on O_O......, and that after the event where my cabinet had been opened up........ .

It was obvious to me that I noted something going on, and I, whilst calm, realized that I had to do something about it. With all the massive gemstones boulder size gemstones in my basement and house (*gulp*), no common wraiths or demons should be able to stand the energy density levels present here......... .

Sleepy from mining though, I took a rest.

When I next woke, I was red with upset emotions, and on my feet..... I was walking to my basement door. I opened the basement door, and witnessed an entity climbing at the stairs. I witnessed the same entity which I witnessed VII years ago during my Japan megasurge event.......... . That dragon entity....... . Unh unh.... . I cupped my hands to my side, and gathered mana. Causing a field of cosmic light to manifest, I was going to blast at that entity... . I seemingly noted the entity halt though, and not only that, a black expanse event took place. Not wanting my house to be damaged by my blast, I was okay with the timing of the black expanse event.. . Seems a massive surge event was triggered by me introducing hypercosmic mana into the jumbled physics system of this realm.

However, looks like the enemy vanished.....amidst the surge event.

I walked and searched around a fluid expanse location until I tracked down at the entity again. The entity (in an African American form) was sitting / hiding away in a room with some other XX chromosome type entity. Words were on my mind, protestations......and such. I was about to say some things. But I had a memory lapse type event (*worries*) take place.... . I sat on the floor....., experiencing a "fugue".

Eventually......and after a large amount of time (and blurry events) passed, I found myself back in this realm, and in my bed. I grabbed my tablet to write a report. The phone rung (*winces*) though, and yep, you guessed it..."lunch / dinner invitation time"...... .

Fast forwarding to today.......I just had a dimension dive or some other fluid world experience where I witnessed the entity (with the P.R. form) strangely trying to get involved at my life plans / music studio plans.... .

I am not going to act like a "drama king" if I can help it. No freaking out here. And I guess I do note the dragon entity offers "entertainment" (lol) (*cackles*).....even though I am not really looking for entertainment. So what now? Will I witness the dragon roll up another hottie class avatar, or just do poltergeist style stalking?

Hmmmmmmm. This will not be immediately reported by scientists (as usual), but the fabric of space has been ringing like a bell due to all of these surge events of mine. I can even feel it now IRL. The Yggdrasil Effect is like a resonance pattern, with certain manifestations (in regard to time, space, and matter) taking place as certain levels are reached. The next big manifestation event is due.
Tags: dragon, dragonoid, surge event, the yggdrasil effect
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