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Japan Trip By Autumn Or Winter? / Space Fabric Oscillations / Keeping A Low Profile

You may be asking "Jag, where are your cosmic rock anthems?". Well, you see, my studio used to have a Boomerang Phrase Pedal, Grado headphone amp / SR325 & SR80 headphomes, a vocal effects processor, massive surround sound field speakers, Grado audiophile connector cables, microphones, and the works. Indeed. However, I noted a cocaine druggie fake payrent steal at all that stuff.
Songs on the radio often employ things called loops....where multiple parts are recorded onto a track.

Rather than get a loop pedal and lotsa speakers right now, I want to take advantage of the current phenomenon where steady and building oscillation (*hears a ringing in my ears as I type*) waves are taking place for this entire realm. There is an eerie resonance pattern manifesting, and the fabric of space is "humming" (along woth big ripple wave events from time to time during my surge events).

Yea..... . So 500$ of about 2200$ has been "saved up".......... . I am not really worried about money though.... . I have huge mined Rubies and Sapphires, but I am not going to sell them.

I do not know if another Japan trip is even necessary, but I need to scout for my next home location.....in the case that I suddenly develop more abilities. I am not going to lie. If I acquire flight and blasts like I display on other planes, all I have to do is blast / slice a couple "ATMs" or even "bank vaults"...... . Noting 2,000,000.00$ (chump change) or so.....I could relocate to Japan, get some rural mountain property, have a cozy house / temple, and maintain as much of a low profile as possible (no Rapture, no sharing of miracles with mankind, and hiding the truth from mankind). (I do not endorse thievery. In my case, I witness war, and I need to do whatever prevents drama. Who knows what scale my next emotion fueled environmental event could be....lest I keep calm, snug, and cozy).

My main worries relate to witnessing 'demigods' IRL, ones like 'Jordie'. Yea. Remember when I referred at 'Jordie' in 2015? The 'Playboy' audition one. Lol. Yea, that one I literally directed lightning at IRL....... . Well, I have received notice that 'sexytime' is intended at me O_O....... . Both via multiple visions, and by J and Heather delivering teh hillbilly "gossip". (*Gulps*). It's cool yall ^_~. I ain't gone be having some 'stripper' '/' 'ex-hooker' up in here.....sleeping on my couch. Certainly not the one that has (*groans amidst sudden heart pains and palpitations*) spread gossip about my psychic abilities, weather control, and lightning generation abilities. I must protect my research notes......too.

Hmm? The visions I received you ask? The initial vision featured me standing in shock in some trippy location. 'Jordie' was directing extreme 'carnal' 'desire' at me, 'lusting' 'at' me in a 'crazy' 'intense' way......even... :/ .....amidst showing off some kind of bikini calendar which featured em doing suggestive crawling poses.

Yea....I do not have to fake it.... . I am not interested. 'Jordie' does not remind me of a monkey......(*shakes my head*). Monkeys who are pretty, fun, and exciting ~~~........ . Yea... . 'Jordie' ain't my monkey (*shakes my head*)......, ain't a monkey ~~~~....... .

Yea. I have free will. No STD's allowed up in here.
Tags: astrophysics, japan trip planning, space fabric manipulation, space fabric phenomena, space fabric ripples, the yggdrasil effect
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