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Zinkerdoogles The Wingpuppy

My gosh..... . Where was I????

Strange stuff went down after a Dan Kuso and red dragon dude (Bakugan) event.... .

It was like I was stuck watching at the 1920's...., and / or involved with some massive flux time and space event.... .

What is "Tiny Tim"? Because I literally noted the dude........performing and swarmed by a ton of fans / chicks..... .

Well, I was in a dark and dim seeming hotel lobby or hotel cafe..... . I had just literally dodged 'kisses' from a warped version of Granny Mathis (*goes totally red*).....within some pub type room (!?!)......, and my nerves were rattled lol...... . Yea, I needed some sweets for my nerves, and for energy support sugar crystals after deploying my Wings Of Love.....pacification ability on the spot.

As I approached a donut / bakery display counter, I witnessed some strange Caucasian subanime "cop" like guy.....and his subanime chick "partner" talking. The cop was like "Nah.....", shooting down whatever the Negro chick cop said. The cop guy claimed that I did not have the look of a criminal (????), even adding in that I looked like I had never been to jail a day of my life. Approaching the counter, I asked how he 'knew'...... . The guy talked about having what he called "the eye", and then avoided at me.

Upon selecting a pair of twisted, glazed, and cream frosted donuts, and then another pastry, I went to sit and enjoy my snack *^_^*! The donuts were ***startlingly*** good. So good, I did not touch the last doughnut (of another type) on my plate. So...I decided to get up, and get me III more twisty donuts for the road, as well as learn what type of donut it was.... . But as I approached the counter.., I noted the strangeness. The chick cop spotted at before took a nasty tone at me, demanding I go back to the table where I was....and sit down. For a moment.........I was about to shift to note an XX chromosome type POV, pop teh knuckles, and regulate with ki blasts..... . But I calmed down.........in time. Holding my ground, I said that I was going to go back to my seat anyway.... . I read the label in the display case, which listed cream frosted glazed crullers, and headed back to get my remaining donut but not before catching at the two cops kissing (*cringes and shivers*) in the back office room.

When I got back to where I had snacked, Zinkerdoogles was on top of the table (!!!!!!)! Yea, and the donut was not....(lol).


Zinkerdoogles the puppy pup lol :P!

My maternal (???) instincts flared online, and I, laughing, tried to clean what seemed to be icing bits from Zinky's face... . I sat down, and chilled a bit, trying to gently clean Zinkerdoogie's face. That was when it happened. A unhappy sounding voice at my immediate right.....was like "why are you so mean ~~~~~"........ . (*Facepalms*). Finkelris was sitting at
my immediate right, and (???) acting very unhappy and tsundere...... . I just gawked a bit and stared in shock. Finky was wearing a long sleeve white shirt, and had subanime reddish or brown hair. Was Finky "jealous"???? As I stared, Finky quipped "I don't like you ~~~~........sometimes" (*cackles*)........, but I had an empathy flare up happen..... . I just do not know... . How could I have tasted delicate and vulnerable feelings toward me in that moment? Well.....I said "yea~......" not believing the tsundere words. However, I then laid back (!!!!!!) and rested on / cuddled snugly to the source of the loving and nourishing feelings. I said "you love me~~~~~~......." (*cackles*) (*facepalms*). I rested cozily for a bit, acting so naive... . I am so embarrassed..... . My vitals, my neck, my throat, were totally exposed. Just another sign I need to get back home, home that is like "Care Bears", but with startlingly beautiful and bodacious elemental Goddesses.......... .

After a brief but deep rest, I responded to an eerie (??) message......that was seemingly from Zinkerdoogie. I sat up, and held the puppy in concern. I said "Hunh? The barometric pressure is falling ~~~?" as to confirm the message, and then woke to my bedroom (over here) and the sound of thunder. A thunderstorm was taking place over here.

Me? I am just reporting objectively... . I wanna go back to dimension diving and or sleeping. (*Hears thunder*). (*Sighs wistfully*).
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