Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

Today's Earlier Shift Event / W.O.L Update


(To be updated later).

After and amidst huge regional storms taking place, I found at a worrisome post. Uhm, maybe the post was just a fluke :/??? Ulgh. I want the truth to be hidden, hidden and kept secret. Maybe the forum post was just a fluke (*shakes my head*).

After the post post earlier, I prepared to go back to sleep. Day visions took place though O_O. I had visions whereby I viewed at....animefying Finkelris, Finkelris changing into anime Lala....with school uniform on and all...... .

Um......(*coughs*) (*goes red*). An event sorta like that of an initial black expanse of last year....took place....(Finky nestling at me and such.........). By the time dimension diving took place much later..., I spotted Zinkerdoog.....but no Finky.

(To be updated later).
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