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Ready To Rock / The Center Of The Galaxy

I think I have heavily reversed my traumatized and embarrassed state.......which was present decades ago.

I had to find the truth....., and do so by pain and studying at antithetical subabime and anime XX chromosome types...... .

I am now ready to make my big move.

Anime falls uncannily short at providing an example and context for / of The Omniversal Routing Gem (amongst many other things). In a lockstep type way, just as I will note 'undeveloped' status for......the 'appearance' of anime Sailor Moon or anime Kagome Higurashi.......(whenever I look into a mirror amidst dimension diving and examining myself), I also note *BOTH* anime 'universes' provide a flawed and warped facsimile at The Omniversal Routing Gem (the Shikon No Tama and the Galaxy Cauldron). Indeed.

The same applies to the here and now (*winces*). I currently witness a severely degraded (subanime status) "anime world".... . Yea, mostly based upon the gemstones and data of the fake Sailor Moon 'universe'. (*Recalls the structures I have remote viewed on the moon IRL*).

Okay. Here we go......my main point. I was in the Wilmington astronomy club from about "middle school" to even some of "college". I was even in the newspaper (*facepalms*) IRL (for Negro kids were apparently not supposed to become astronomers or be interested in space). Even back in the 1st grade, I stated my desire to be an M.I.T trained aeronautics / NASA engineer and astronomer. I read books, college books, even as I noted the 2nd grade. Earth was stated as present within the Sagittarius Arm zone of the Milky Way Galaxy..... .

Looks like my fluid world events caused a permanent shift.....(*feels immense relief*).


Specifically where this solar system is closer to the core of the galaxy...... . Does that explain why I detect evil, and witness evil.....as I do now?

"The name Sagittarius Zero Star is based off of the name Sagittarius A* which is the actual name of what astronomers believe to be the location of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is also believed to be the location of a supermassive black hole (which is probably what the Galaxy Cauldron is based off of)"


What would happen if I blast the center of the galaxy with high density mana? Is the center of this galaxy, which is actually just a tiny speck within a speck...within the body of the overworld me (present in the hyperdimensional plane), the Omniversal Routing Gem? If so, anime Sailor Moon was a complete idiot (no surprise there). An antithesis (no surprise there). A man crazed loon (no surprise there).

"In the final manga arc, the Cauldron was taken over by Chaos, the purest form of evil, and Sailor Moon was faced with a choice: destroy Chaos and the Cauldron, thus ending all war but also all life, or preserving both, ensuring that life would go on but that war would as well. Chibi Chibi tried to convince Sailor Moon that destroying it to end all suffering was the right thing to do, but Sailor Moon told Chibi Chibi not to give up, to always have hope, and that living life was more important. Sailor Moon then threw herself into the Cauldron"


I will not make the same mistake as that boy butted fool. Just to be sure, I guess I need to blast the core of this galaxy soon. Key is how....... . Do I have to travel there??? Will I witness all the 'exodimensional' 'nasties' disappear if I do so?

Yea. It is time to face this Sailor Moon thing. I wanna move on........ . I need to move on. I am going to pray about this. Yea. Blasting the Omniversal Routing Gem is not about killing or destroying. Mankind is not even a lifeform in my eyes, neither the anime or subanime variants of mankind. Real lifeforms are in the hyperdimensional plane. They, those radiant and inherently contented (happy) beings, are free from chaos, entropy, depression, immorality, amorality, violence, insanity, and evil. I hope this means I have somehow risen above the limitations and perversions / sloth of the anime imposter. Yea. Even if I note anime Sailor Moon's world tomorrow, I now have a plan (!!!!!!!!). (*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope*).
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