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Babysitting A Newborn / Band Invitation

Everything seemed set, but then Friday came. I was babysitting (!?!) and hosting dinner all evening. Initially I babysat at an 8 and 12 year old pair of boys. Then I babysat at a newborn O_O.

Yea, I gotta call foul =^_^=..... .

I love watching over and nurturing to little lifeforms. Me noted teh 'manipulation' at my nature and emotions *^_^*!

(*Suddenly hears a song, and decides to post a video link to it*).

Yea, things were heating up (via my Wings Of Love ability) till I calmed down.



(*Rubs my scalp*). Now it seems like I note little man's payrents want me to find "someone" (???) and "make babies" and stuff (*turns purple and green*). Yea. The same ones that talked about a Dakota trip last year. Yea. Little man's grandma even said that I would make a great father O_O............ . Me though? I said that ship has already sailed (after recalling at that number one (but cruelly stereotypical in every way) XX chromosome type witnessed last year). I said I wanna be a virgin forever. Yea. I wanna shine with stellar radiance, indomitable purity and radiance that illuminates infinite infinities. I wanna be a virginal caretaker in a hyperdimensional and hypercosmic nursery, and the very best in that. That is my dream. That is my goal. I strive for absolute purity so I do not contaminate at the innocent little stars I have pledged to protect.

Oh, teh neighbor been overhearing at my new guitar style I have been working on.... . Yea, so I noted a church invite me to be lead guitarist in a band O_O. A Caucasian church full of moneybags Caucasians.
Tags: adventures, babysitting, wings of love, wings of love ability
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