Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

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Unexpected Good News......

I found myself materalizing folding chairs, and tables as makeshift shields during today's event *^_^*. I was tracking an eerie energy signature...., a feral seeming energy signature.

Leaping from tree to tree, I witnessed Goku initially........ . I (*sighs*) struggled to keep pace.

Closing in further, I noted Goku change into "Archer" / Emiya (!!!!????!!!??!!!!), and I was dodging materializing blades. I was startled as to the fact that I had to materialize makeshift shields such as tables / chairs and the like.

I actually made an effort to retreat when ice or crystalline techniques were being employed......... .

I think I may have stumbled upon a dormant part of my being......that has and has had major sway over this place?

Hmmmmm.... .

Maybe I have a reunification event upcoming?
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