Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
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Light Of Onsa / My Little Star / Planet-Shaking New Era Rock N Roll

Light Of Onsa!!!!!!!!!


I spent today unsealing my energy, and I did that via Little Starstring here =^_^=.

Yea. After that, I decided to unleash an ancient hyperdimensional hymn online (*grins*) to speed up planetary / cosmic events. All my big events are related to music...........it seems.

Yea. Light Of Onsa forever *^_^*!!!!

Light Of Onsa for life *^_^*!!!


Update 7:55pm


!!!!!!!!. Looks like I still got it =^_^=. *Prays in thanksgiving*.

Wow. What could I do if my girlfriend was here with me right now ~~~~ (*swoons to the thought*)......(*gasps as I feel a kiss suddenly*)?
Tags: house of art, hyperdimensional artifacts, hyperdimensional hymnal, light of onsa, music
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