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Limitless Blessings To The Prophesied House / Expanded Causality Manipulation

A flawless Clear Sapphire cluster......the likes of which I have never seen online........found to the chilly river in front of my house . That, *and* found to the exact spot to which I had said (a week / months prior)..."something" resided..... .

It has a gemini double crystal spire structure on the top, and traditional hexagonal structure on the bottom. Water clear with no cracks, no cloudiness. I was *SHOCKED*.

How did I find it? What happened????? I'm embarrassed to say it, but I (before the big find) wanted to send Sapphires at Finky....(*facepalms*). Send Sapphires.......free, with no stipulations, and to an anonymous P.O. Box...... .

I caught myself though...., and burned with a defiant and fiery desire to prove myself (again) as a hyperdimensional being capable of free will and reality manipulation. I admitted my nature as a naive nursery caretaker........utterly clueless at predator's evil 'intentions', held firm to my past choicesz and dug my aching hands into river rocks and gravel. I had to prove to myself that Finky was absolutely wrong.

And just like that........boom..... .

The causality / probability manipulation kept coming.......... .

Yea, because after the big gem find, I was shown a rare IV leaf clover in my yard amidst babysitting.

Word is....that there are many IV leaf clovers in the sanctuary yard O_O...., according to J anyway.

I give thanks to the beings who have made my journeys possible. I have made my thorn free and gem-laden bed....by way of the choices I made in life...., and I am so glad I can rest in it.

What an awesome III days it has been. I am so thankful.

Oh. The kid in the photo said a request at me....... . He wants WWIII O_O..... . (*Considers Wings Of Love*). I dunno. I may just take today's megacharged gem to Japan IRL, and wipe the planet's surface down ~~~ myself. Then again, I might visit at tuft head dude (DJT) (with Wings Of Love activated) again.... . We'll see.
Tags: causality manipulation, event control, gemstones, house of my dreams, house of prophecy, probablility manipulatiom, sapphires, unlimited wishes, world-class gemstone
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