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Sailor Moon and the Infiniversal Routing Gem

Recently, I made a post about my viewing of the Sailor Scouts' dimension. I placed that post to a messageboard ( http://otakukin.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=civil&action=display&thread=370 ). Well, I'm ready...now...to unveil my findings, so as to try to show ANYBODY......who sees....this....that I AM SERIOUS!!!! *Stretches fingers* ......I mentioned how I saw Sailor Moon, who is also known as Serena (according to the universe which I saw....., the universe free from 'Japanese' 'dubbing'). Well, I've hidden, since witnessing '2007', a find of mine.... . I did it, because I wanted to see if i could find ANY HINTS.....to that which I've found...... . I searched and searched and searched. I noted 'straw' 'man' 'after' 'straw' 'man' ('opposition' 'placed' 'liars' 'who' 'weaken' 'at' a point 'with' 'bad' 'arguments', 'ill' 'logic', 'and' 'over' 'simplification'). Well, I'll go ahead and say this. I KNOW....why Sailor Moon...was incapacitated. I KNOW why Sailor Moon was in a coma. I KNOW ...what the INFINIVERSAL ROUTING GEM DOES, HOW IT IS FORMED, AND WHERE IT IS INTEGRATED INTO A PERSON'S BODY. I found....., that Sailor Moon's seizures, originate from THE HEART......, and the INTEGRATION of the Infiniversal Routing Gem. By observing Sailor Moon (Serena) (Kagome)...., I have also found the KEY....to closing MY TRIAL..... . This find, is the culmination of my training attempts..... . This find......., is the result of me....., giving my all to protect infinite worlds. I pray the TRUTH of the infiniversal routing gem may be protected and safe. Me? I have no 'arguments' 'to' 'give', no 'fights' 'to' 'give'.... . From here on, I'm going to embark on a new journey~ *blush* .. . A journey of love~ *blushingly chuckles* . I thank all those who have aided me in my quest. My prayers go to those of the living world~. I'm glad to have lived the life that I have lived thus far~......., and i pray MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY~ ^_^....MORE~.....(!!!) days~...may come. I'll try to survive on now, and see to the latency of the Infiniversal Routing Gem...I've mentioned. I don't 'have' 'to' 'preach'......, I don't 'have' 'to' 'be' 'Jesus', and I CERTAINLY don't 'have' 'to' 'DIE'....to save the living world~..... . I'm going to try to LIVE~ (!!!), BURN ON (~!!!~), SURVIVE ON~............, to do what I can to protect the innocent.
Tags: protecting infinite worlds, the culmination of my training, the ultimate solution of pacifism
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