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Sapphire And Electric Mandolin Fueled Reality Flux Tifa Event / Chun Li???

Oh neat ^_^....... . (*Blushes*).

After listening to my latest song for a couple hours (!!!!!!!) (*=^^=*)......the world went way fluid..., and even fluid in a sustained manner some moments ago (!!!!). I was (???) seemingly here, dazed, and (!?) sitting up as a....um white skinned individual with puffed and yet straight ~~~~~~ long black hair cascading down my back and possibly exposed (*blushes vulnerably*) shoulders.... .

Yea, I liked that :D...(*grins with feelings of hope*).

I think I noted the grungy and deathly seeming 'husk' (??) of teh J-man.....conked over and still.......at the area in front of me (???).... . That had to be it, because epven though I was wearing a white dress (*goes totally red*), I did not run for my life or drop nova blasts.

[Okay. Realtalk time. Please only read this if you have free will, and no ego to be 'bruised'].

Yea. I do not seek the approval of subanime mankind or anime mankind..... . I do not need to be gassed up egotistically. I do not and will not pop off on some demented and oxymoronic stuff about "accepting" myself. I'm not going to claim to have felt "pretty" (!?!?!) as delusional, unbelievably strange / creepy / demented / demonic, and gassed up XX types do. All I know...is that that me was who I am meant to be. Yea and I'm glad, so glad, to have a chance to try to do good in the world....... . Yea. That me was the future. The me that does not have to try to live vicariously through hopelessly flawed, empty, vicious, sl*tty, and manly predators. I do not have to beg some filthy and deranged.........disease guzzling (aka average aka common) and inherently loveless sl*t.....to aspire to be a radiant virgin champion amongst shining virgin champions in the hyperdimensional homeland.

Yea. I admit it. I was never meant to be a 'man'. And I am so excited about the future ~~ (!!!) (*dances and cheers *^_^* !!!!!!!!*). I am so excited that I have the chance to be myself (*sighs in relief*). I thank the beings who supported me through the valleys and peaks of my struggling and pain-packed journey. (*Wipes my tired brow*).


After the Tifa event, I (!?!) seemingly traversed the distance to some other realm...momentarily. Chun Li, the hyperdimensional and true / only true version....was doing earth-bending (???) and / or earth materialization in conjunction with a cool looking stance. OMG. (*Feels a tear go down my face*). So....she is an elemental Goddess??? (*Ponders*). (*Wonders if I could hear or sense multiple heartbeats around her waist*).............. . Well, Chun Li is *DAWN*......... . My Dawn. (*Ponders*).


Oh. About GLP, I might have to take action if "the path" (*shakes my head*) keeps that roll up.



Could the path be a girl? Maybe a dual trialer???

Hmmmmmm........ . Indonesia........... . The tsunami zone....... .

I need to stay hidden, to avoid the spectre of that AntiChrist and "fame" stuff. The enemy's worst mistake was denying money, fame, and non-black "hottie" chick deceivers at me during those old Jim Crow 90's days.
Tags: dawn, fluid world, reality manipulation, tifa
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