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House Of Peace And Calm

My house is popular :p lol... .

Very popular O_O.

I love having a happy house of peace, camaraderie, and nutritious (mmmmmmm~~~) lunches.

Yesterday was very active.

I noted teh hottie millionaire "landlord" 'Dawny' in a bodycon dress (with an anime style pigtails hairstyle, and a shockingly gym toned physique) all hugging at me (*blinks*) with the kiddies watching in shock and amazement... .

I was also told I am a role model (!?!?!??!!?!).

That makes me feel concerned for reasons I might cover later.

Babysitting is teaching me a lot about life. A *LOT* about life....... . If I had known what I know now, last year might have been different.

For example, little feller in the video ONLY wanted to eat sugar and snacks for dinner O_O. Only sugar and snacks. Not only does he have very serious dental issues due to not making the right choices, his growth is stunted. Severely stunted. He does not have the capacity to make sound nutrition choices on his own. That said, I had to call "time", and hold giving a third bowl of cereal yesterday. (I did not want to have to clean up diarrhea or puke either). I also had to hide the candy stash lol.

[Realtalk time. Warning. I need to call it, so only ego / solipsism free individuals should read this].

Juveniles and XX chromosome types, by far and large, need a custodian........ . 99.99% or more...are NOT capable of making healthy decisions and (thus) being self-sufficient. Left to 'their' 'own' maladaptive devices, they will destroy 'themselves' time and time again. All the wrong choices, projecting blame for mishaps, no accountability, no sense of self-awareness, and no sense of responsibility. That is why a strong "father" figure and / or strong male custodian is a requirement to bring forth the extremely low percentage of "well adjusted" chirn and XX chromosome types. Whatta mess......(*shakes my head*).

Yea. Where I come from...., kids are eternal beings with no biological payrents / biological parents / rent. A hyperdimensional nursery caretaker where I am from...is not the same as a custodian.

It just so happened that an unexpected event where I witnessed a neurotic and paranoid Finky Finkles.....took place this morning....... . Maybe it was just a fluke. Yea. Don't know why it even happened. (Maybe I was looking for the real Dawn instead, and that after being hugged at by another knockout class / hottie class 'Dawny' clone....hours prior).

Studying aside, I just don't have the time to be a custodian. I'm not "daddy" material, nor "husband" material (*feels my heart sink for some reason*). (Oh. Maybe because I opened up another layer of performance...whereby I do not project my own values, hence the emotional pain*). I'm not meant to be a man......... . I need to be around people who do not have an unbelievably devious and auto-destructive 'inner' 'demon' that must be kept in check by 'male' 'dominance', "fatherly authority", and / or "religious authority". By default...I had to distance myself at ones like Finky.

That meant incredible pain for me, pain so deep that I do not even know if I can put it into words.

But I made it to the other side....... . Yep. The peace and tranquility in this house now.

*Prays in thanksgiving*.
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