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Demigod Brawlfest / 2004 Akin Mega Awakening / Operation Snout Grab

Wow.... . What a night....=^_^=!!!!!!

My plan for the G*P forum went just like I wanted.... .

I went on there....to search at the strongest malevolent entities.

But what happened....was me witnessing a swarm of killer demigods looming down at me amidst dimension diving time.

What did I do? I used space manipulation and reality generation, and soon noted the enemy force stuck in a Borderlands II / New Pandora based crater zone.... . A zone meant entirely for brawling. Yes, and specifically a bar in that zone.

Me? I was ready to test my training at the demigod force, so I descended at the bar of the strange planet.

Yea, and then I ran lol........ . Ran to the arena.

Waiting at the demigod battle force from a hiding spot in the heights of the arena, I was shocked to only note one entity enter the arena.

Looks like a single and exceedingly powerful entity had annihilated most of the demigod invasion force........ . Yea. An enormous and wheelchair (???) bound dude (about 15ft tall) hovered through the entrance...., and he was blatantly hunting down at me. A horrific bellowing washed at the arena through.......and a gross demon....like Twintania from FF5...., if *not* Twintania from FF5, rushed down at the colossal dude in the wheelchair. The wheelchair entity released his "limiter", and transformed from subanime to anime (!?!?!!!!!!?!!!!!!?!!) (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*), and became a hulking man with little legs and grotesquely muscular biceps. As I noted the anime hulk reach into the maw of the demon, and yank innards out (*cringes*), I could not watch.....(*shakes head*). I was about to throw up.

It was time?

Grabbing muh pistol, I fired some warning shots.

Yea, and after that.....it looked like the opponent was going to transform again. Yea, and it was exceedingly long, too long. I fired muh pistol...., but I did not even know if the shots had any effect O_O.

Dude transformed to some 40ft tall.......and carapace covered......mouthless white thing that had a 'humanoid' upper body, and 6 / 8 legs... . After crushing yet another random demon demigod entering at the arena with it's legs, the opponent...got out a car-sized gun......and blasted at me multiple times. I did not *seem* to take damage though (!!!!!!)... . So I fired. And I kept firing and firing...... . But was there any effect???? Hunh. Strong enemy. So I aimed at the colossal yellow eyes of the armored opponent. That did it (!!!!!). The enemy anticlimactically disintegrated or ghosted (???). I ran around the arena....all pumped.....and ready to rock =^_^=!

Yea. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but my abilities awaken by way of me surviving at brutal battles and strong opponents.

So now the question is........why have I noted that that dog dragon entity will not attack me directly???

Lol. For my next mission, I am going to get a brush, a big brush, and see if I can groom at the dog dragon =^_^=! I'm finna wash at teh puppy's paws / toes, and gently grab at the snout (*cackles*).
Tags: defense protocols, operation snout grab
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