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Primal Survival Instinct Ability / Another Ultra Gemmy Find

Looks like there is a Clear S*pphire vein...running under this house (!!!!!!!) and down to the river....... . It figures though, considering the mind-blowing energy currents that traverse through the house and property.

Yea. I mined the gemstone during a windy thunderstorm......in a flooding river with intense currents *O_O*. A river filled with lots of gigantic boulders and downed trees..... . I hope I did not abuse the fact that I do not die......by doing that..... . I do stuff daily that a mortal man could not be expected to survive ^_~.

The winds from the storm and other factors....had the electricity down for about five hours O_O.

Eerie things happened when I sat in my recliner and held the above.......gemstone, and this gemini twin gemstone....


Yea. Some kind of psychic stuff. Stuff where I heard at voices, and ten even saw at a subanime face...of some...speaking.......XX chromosome type Asian hottie class specimen. I put down the gemstones after a bit.., not sure what to make of their mind-blowing amplification properties.

I had a vision about a head-sized and water-clear Yellow S*pphire last week. I'll be mining the spot in front my house all summer......looking for it.

I give thanks to the Goddesses of the hyperdimensional plane for the chance to mine and live all toasty like this *^_^*.


Reading at G*P.....


is reminding me of an ability I have always had? It is an ability XX chromosome types and XY chromosome types do not have. Me? I can sense at danger.. . It never fails me.

From dodging water moccasin strikes IRL, to feelings of alertness at mugger thugs, to even......a startling alertness and awareness at pedophiles..displayed in 1988 (where I cried, and hysterically pleaded at an ignorant and oblivious (and later a victim) 7 year old to go put on some gosh danged clothes and quit flashing / triggering a vicious pack of drug dealer 'relatives').

Yea. The anime planes, the lie claiming XX types at being female......., and XX chromosome type trojans....were all God's 'true' weapons of mass destruction (at me).

Yea. I have *BEEN* able to note anime worlds full-time, even here.... . Yea, but mentally and emotionally...I was not ready... . I was still projecting, and not only that.......I was still in a state of amnesia about my true form. Mhhhhhmm. I was still questioning if I had what it took to rise above the cruel and undeniable limitations of an average slavebeast.... .

Yea. I need to keep studying at XX chromosome types IRL.....and ***CONFIRMING*** everything I say on here IRL.... .
Tags: gem mining, gems, gemstone training, gemstones, life lessons, psychic ability amplication, red pill
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