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Palpable Reality Configuration Wave / My Ultimate Test

This journal has been very active lately, but that is what a journal is supposed to be right? This journal has more content.....across more fields (music, medicine, astrophysics, cooking, gem mining, art, psychic visions) than the 'whole' of the otherkin / otakukin / soulbond 'subcultures'. Yea. And no "friends only" cowardly bu****** :P!

K kiddies, so lately I have sensed "ripples" and "humming" regarding the space fabric here (*gulp*), as well as matter here. During these waves, I sense a "NEW" SYSTEM OF PHYSICS about to be implemented and uploaded (!!!!), and the current jumbled and anemic provisional sysyem about to be mostly ***DISASSEMBLED***.

I keep sensing "Breath Of Fire" (*winces and squints*), and it seems I am about to drop a wave that results in me noting Negroes / Caucasians / Asians change into 'high' 'anime'.

Know what I would do.....in the "new world"? How would I act? Let's think.

What would happen if I heard a scream, turned around, and gazed at a high anime 'Nina' stuck at quicksand? Would I...

A) Cry...."Oh my beloved Goddess Of Hope, I am coming ~~~!!!"

or....would I

B) Chuckle and keep walking.... .

Thanks to my redpill training, and physiognomy lessons, the answer is B.

Yea. For if I noted an XX type chromosome POV grafted at me, I would likely note the fake 'Nina' claiming to be about to be 'politically' 'married' 'off' to some 'playerly' prince guy who was off sleeping in a nearby pasture whilst anime 'Nina' had merely went to pick flowers for him. Yea. I would, in B, avoid a cruel and predictable shiv at my heart.

Or...., alternatively, what if the 'Nina' was such an evil and warped clone.....that it was part of a group of bandits....., or even (sex) slave traders. Yes, and merely setting a trap for bandits to ambush from behind the trees.

No. This isn't paranoia, not according to how I predicted at that fake 'Dawn' IRL last year. That fake was just a '*VANGUARD*'......., one with the same type of assault plan at my emotions / hopes as the rest of the 'oncoming' fakes.

Woa. What if last year involved a test....a test that was mandatorily required to be passed before the oncoming reality configuration wave can take place????

Oh. And fake 'Dawn' will be back too :/....as an 'elite' 'high' 'anime' XX chromosome type threat. One after ***revenge***.....(*notices a pair of glowing and purplish eyes (not evil) in my field of vision*)....for 'their' 'loss'.

Wherever I go, the best option seems to be either biding for another shift event, and / or a starship / conveyance as a means to distance myself at flat-butted and inherently evil / dangerous 'clones' until the next shift. And perhaps after noting the 5D anime 'Sailor' 'Moon' 'realm', and then the 11D 'super' 'anime' 'Sailor' 'Moon' 'realm', and then the 100D 'pseudodivine' 'Sailor' 'Moon' 'realm' (prolly will note pseudogoddesses that don't poop, menstruate, or flatulate by that point)......, I will see some sort of tangible (albeit still warped at) example of the Omniversal Routing Gem, and thus be able to return home....to the ***REAL*** ***DAWN*** ***AND*** ***NINA***!!!!!

(*Inhales and exhales*). I have to specifically prepare myself to witness hordes of preachy clones......that'll preach at me about accepting 'their' 'disheartening' 'fatal' 'flaws', and then shiv at my heart....just like Finky did. That was the whole point all along, and why my 2004 cosmic blast event (!?!?!?!?! *GASPS* !!!!!!!!!!;!;;!!).

Oh... . The..hunh?? It did not end???? The cosmic blast did not end??? The matter configuration wave's "unfolding" and oscillations were timed to the / my mental awakening????? O_O...... .
Tags: astrophysics, defense protocols, life goals, life lessons, matter configuration wave, physics, physiognomy is real, reality configuration wave, reality manipulation
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