Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

Merge Results Trickling Down / Understanding Dimensions

Now that I noted that 'Fen' 'entity' 'scooted' 'off', I can unleash my real knowledge....... .

Warning: This information is only intended to be read by beings affiliated with the omnidimensional plane.

Q: Who or what is little Jag?

Little Jag is a dimension based lifeform comprised of infinite dimensions, and essentially a self-contained and sentient universe with a fully intact space and time structure. Little Jag has many forms with which to research, communicate with other lifeforms, and experience reality.

Q: What is this place?

This place it is experienced now ~~~ is a provisional "research zone" that is what you could call a "safe mode zone". It is what you could call the "bottom" of existence, and (*wince*) it is specifically intended as a training / rehabilitation zone for an individual with the bare minimum of data processing capacities necessary to cognitively process and manipulate reality. When a being learns to consciously control the rudimentary physics (such as the terrestial, stellar, and cosmic environment) of this rudimentary layer / experience of existence.....(as Jag has done), the next step commences.

Right now this place is rudimentarily perceived by Little Jag via a couple dimensions. Time, Length, Width, Depth, Emotion, Thought. As of yet though, the manner in which even those dimensions have been perceived hath been anemic and basic. Soon......many many many more dimensions (countless in fact) shall be "introduced" to Little Jag's perceptual matrix. It's not about 'anime', and it never was. It is about perceiving the lattice of dimensions that comprise reality, and acquiring the abilities that come with the unlimited access to said dimensions' resources. It is about seeing and accessing the complexities and resources of the true and everpresent reality (which mankind shall never have access to). By perceiving, for example, the fire mana dimension (*feels my eyes flash with new data*), Little Jag shall have endless fire mana wielding capacities IRL, and shall be able to interact with sentient fire-based lifeforms and (thus) fire-based universes. (*Analyzing data patterns*). (Note to self: the elemental origin mana / star theory has been updated in concordance to the above sentence). (*Makes some mental notes regarding gender*). In other words, a new system of physics, specifically involving MAGIC (and thus free from fictional and entropic atoms and molecules), is about to be perceived, accessed, and experienced. Witnessing 'anime' will just be a "side effect" that comes with the process.

Q: Who are you? Just as Jag underwent a drastic transformation from "1999-2004", another "merge" event has been initiated. Jag had to pass self-applied tests before new abilities and information could be accessed. Since Jag now consciously wields the necessary defenses at the exoexistential threats of XX chromosome types and other facsimiles, a merging process is now underway regarding the Jag here, and the Jag residing topside in the omnidimensional plane.

*Strains and groans as head pains blast through teh skull*.

Tags: answers, dimension manipulation, dimension physics, merging, omnidimensional plane, questions, sailor moon, transformation
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