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What Is A Metatron?

I noted a fierce fight and today, and, in an attempt for honesty, I must admit that I actually ran initially (as I often do since I strive to be a pacifist). Yea. Iwran from the opponent.

Two entities sicced the powerful attacker at me, some 'law' 'man'.......... .

The aord "Metatron" kept popping at my head through the day, but I held reporting about what happened........ . But after noting a "church banquet" and "bible meeting" IRL, and witnessing crazy grumpy and strange / weakened acting Christians, I have decided to report what happened.

So earlier today amidst a realm event or dimension diving.......I witnessed that one 'obsessed' at me, and the "heavy-set" one that is always with it. 'They' were going on about 'finding' 'help'.......and 'correcting' me. I was getting very upset. The setting was....what looked like a mall parking lot, and maybe (?????) 1986 (and a site of some initial memories here....for me (Independence Mall's grand opening)). Some extremely powerful Caucasoid law man (in dress pants and a white tucked in dress shirt) pulled up, got out of his vehicle, and brandished handcuffs at me. Some chick (in a business pantsuit) that was accompanying him approached at me.......as if negotiating. I panicked..., and blasted at the XX chromosome type with a ki blast wave..... . I noted the chick laid out.... . I then flew, and in the heat of the moment, considering flying and plunging into the ocean depths (since I do not die)...... . But as I tried to fly, the world went fluid (!?!?!?!!!?!!!!!???!!!!), and I noted the setting shift to the interior of a massive building (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*)... . Why did that happen???

I was horrified as I noted the strong man 'flying' at me........to attack. I wanted to hide. I was not going to accept 'imprisonment'. I did not want to be put through 'corrections' to be 'that' 'one's' 'ideal' 'boyfriend'. Yea, so I cast a dimension flux based energy wave at the entity...., which resulting in me watching him change into a short and fat man.....that was still exceedingly powerful.

Dude was 'hysterically' like....."now I am short and fat!!"....... . I reached for muh pistol, and said "and 'ugly'"......as I shot a couple of shots..and made some distance for myself.

Dude was powerful. He got mad, furious, and reached for a terribly powerful finishing weapon of his...which was some kind of automatic hand cannon weapon of a lost age. Shots crashed at me tum tum. I gasped...as I actually detected at impacts (!?!!!!!!!!?!??!) at my tummy and waist as I noted a fierce volley of shots, fiery shots, slam at me. There was no sting though, and I was not wounded.

Dude charged at me as if he intended a finisher. Unh Unh. I caught at his charge, stuck muh pistol at directly his neck skin, and fired III shots...... . Then, with my hands covered in claw-shaped...solidified mana, I lunched at his chest, and then flung open my hands in an excavating type motion........ .

Immense levels of energy washed over me............, revitalizing me, as I watched at the dude plummet.

Since that was the strongest opponent I have witnessed since Jehovah's 3 forms, I guess I witnessed 'Metatron'.

Hmmmm. G*P trippin again........ .(*Shakes my head*).

How embarrassing.......... .

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