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A Fluid World Event Turns Into A Decisive Match

*Groans, and woozily blinks*.

Some kind of reality / dimension maelstrom event just took place.

Looks like the world was "reloaded" / "reset" again....(by my own hand from topside though) before things reached a certain point.... .

Before I continue (*feels my head brain (brain I of VII) aching*), I need to say...that the chance to have an unpolluted, unscarred, undamaged, and tattoo free body......is wealth beyond money, and the ultimate gift (as well as responsibility).

So a fluid world event happened after gem mining this afternoon, and ***removing*** both my my Silver Moon Moldavite pendant and my Herkimer Diamond Quartz pendant.

The new sky was black and stormy, and the world felt like some trippy tesseract plane........ . I do not know where I was, but I was *HAPPY* (*dances ^_^!!!*). Before touching down to my body, I saw my long and combed / brushed.......black / brown hair. My hyperdimensional Tifa form was here and accounted for, so it seemed, and beyond anime (!!!!!) in both overall appearance as well as internal mana levels. I think the system of physics was going to pieces on account of the dimensions harbored within my ***true*** and unleashed form being present on this plane (which would explain the Sailor Moon transformation IRL event back in 2015 too). I felt no entropy within my body (!!!), no cancer.., no disease. I was content *^_^*.

I think the setting was like some road motel / motor lodge or some kind of multistory apartments.... .

I was so happy to experience my *real* body *^_^*! Yea. XX chromosome types can't handle the responsibility, and can't live up to the hopes and dreams of the innocents. It felt like I was doing what I deeply wanted, and doing what (!?!?!) the inhabitants of the hyperdimensional plane *deeply* *needed*.

I saw and sensed sensed my friends, my beloved pair Goddesses Of Hope nearby.... . Something happened though, movement happened. My friends were suddenly in motion...as if something was going down. Did I hear somebody call for help? Was it a friend of mine calling for me?

I ran into the structure / open door nearby, and went into the apartment / room looking for muh pistol....(!!!!!!) (*feels my fingernails glow with shock*). I had to find it. I was really worried for my friends...... . A big fluidity wave washed across the area by the time I got my pistol, and I saw what seemed to be a setting from 1986 albeit with black clouds..and an ashen and dark environment.

Crouching low, I scouted at the side of the 2 lane road that lead to a suspiciously parked car.

As I spotted at a car, I noted a man spot at me and and then enter the vehicle's front passenger side....... . Since I was no longer noting a rough, tough, grizzled, and demonic Negroid 'body' like I usually do here, I actually feared for my safety and appearance O_O. But I did not even consider abandoning my friends, so I approached at the suspicious car and that is when I noted gunshots (!!!!!!!!!). I jumped back, hovering...and soaring a couple times, shot muh pistol in a long-range type way, and then hid in some dried reeds / thistles that swayed in the wind. I panicked a bit....as I crouched, wondering where my friends went. Were they okay?

Uh oh. The grayish or whitish car had it's headlights come on, and it barreled at the direction in which I hid. I saw details then. A male was in the passenger seat, and a XX chromosome type with a brown hair bang was driving (!??!!!!!!?!!!?!). The passenger seat dude shot at me, but I did not get hit. The car barreled at me, and in self defense I used my pistol at the driver..... . The driver (*groans*) went 'still' with a harrowing hole in 'their' skull visible. I panicked for some reason, not even sweating the passenger seat dude. Um, one in the back seat of the car screamed...a chick (???), screamed.

Warning lights came on....as if a major event was about to go down. I suddenly found myself topside in the hyperdimensional plane (which makes this place seem microscopic upon microscopic), and I had to reset *THIS* place in an emergency manner.


'Who' was that 'driver'? Uh oh. (*Recalls the last couple posts*).

Do you think it was.......(*cringe*).....?

By why? How??? I'm striving for justice, and the safety of eternal babies and kids. There is no logical reason, no reason based on love or sanity......to come hunting down at me.

Maybe my "reset" happened in time for me to get some answers.... . I dunno.
Tags: defense protocols, fights, fluid world, inner peace, tifa
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