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Why The Reset??? / A Message To My Overworld Self (On The Omnidimensional Overworld Plane)

Yo ^_~. This post goes to the me that is topside..... .

Why the reset...after my decisive move the other day? What were you so worried, and even panicked about??? (Now I also have an explanation for that time ago IRL. That time I rode from a cliff / dune and...headlong into jagged rocks......, and yet found a worldwide reset take place so that I was not harmed). You could not possibly been trying to save that....bumbling and foolish destroyer...right????

Hmmmmmm..... .

So it was *you* who reset this plane / realm each time after I disassembled it....????.

Hmmm, well after finding about redpill, I am not complaining. I had vital lessons to learn here....... .

Still...... I just do not want to open the door for some crazy and nonsensical prospect. Yea. What about my safety???? Why the reset??? That 'failure' should not even possibly be related to Dawn. I hope I will not be harmed by 'the' 'resurrection'.....'effect'. (*Facepalms*).

Also, I'm not hating at you, but you get to be around pretty and bodacious / alluring women all day (*blushes beet red*)..........while I'm suffering down here....... . I wanna see pretty women~~~. Adorable women like those you get to be around all day ~~~ everyday ~~~. Yea, so please let me know what I need to do for another merge event and / or to drastically speed up the merging process currently underway. That's the ***TRUE*** key up from here right? The merging.

Oh. Even if the dual-trial scenario was / is real, that fake ain't even show a hint of a merging.... . The fake hadn't accrued any lessons. Yea. I learned my lessons *^_^*.., and I am glad to merge / be merging / be re-merging, be undergoing a merging with you......my true overworld / hyperdimensional self. Yea ~~ because I stand for what you stand for......, protecting the innocent. Long as you are not romantically into men and stand for justice, you have my full support and all my resources. Really, I actually (*blush*) don't even take offense to your....um....."attires" (*gulps*) (*recalls the sailor clothing*) as long as we only wear them in that world free from men / evildoers / pervos / predators. Yea. Please have me, um, us, fully covered (jackets and pants) if you can......during future events...here, yea, just like during the recent Tifa event.

[Hmmm. I see. So the merging went underway from when I noted 2001 to even 2004...and so on. Those big cosmic voltage sensations, and the headaches, and the new abilities.....were actually this me.........merging with my overworld self].

Yea. I give thanks to my hyperdimensional friends in the omnidimensional plane. I give thanks for the chance to understand. So ***merging*** is the key up from here. Well, too.......is the key.
Tags: hyperdimensional being, merging, re-merging
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