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Tired At 'Archangels' / 'Angry' 'Pseudocelestial' 'Dawn' 'Event'

Yea, so a reality flux event happened again today ^_^.

I guess I was chillin, and checking around at an 80's setting. It felt like a good chance to work on ad libbing and addressing unexpected situations since I noted a Caucasian man (in jeans and a jacket) grafted at me. I dunno, but it seems I noted some kinda 'crew'...('weird')...... . Yea, cause I got into a scrapyard special hooptie (a grayish armored muscle car), and noted strange dudes enter at the seats in the back and the front seat.

K, so after eventually driving........, I suddenly struggled to keep the car on the road....as I heard at a horrible.....noise...... . It was as if I drove into hurricane winds or something. The unpleasant noise slammed at the car again and again, and I barely got the car to some kind of mall / location which I was trying to reach.

I watched 2 'big' dudes (*blinks*) exit the car (one was a baldish black dude in shades er.....or momentarily was anyway), and maybe that after noting another guy exit the passenger seat.

As soon as I got up from the car, I reeled....in a disoriented manner as a noise blast wave slammed down directly at my location. Though I was not harmed, I got a bit upset.... . I went into the building, and witnessed a strange strange case. Some Caucasian dude was draining and / or neutralizing the power of (???) a seeming 'archangel', 'Gabriel', and signaling (!?!?!!!?) at me. The archangel had been rendered into a greenish and hideous goblin..with a fat and long nose.........that was holding a lost age sonic weapon (of a silverish look). Glowing rings of a powerful force...of a sort were traversing the Caucasian dude's arms.

Not wanting anymore powerful hits, I used wrestling at the horrendous foe, (*cringes in shame and embarrassment*), causing the floor to cave in with a throw. Yea, and then a couple of ki fists just to make sure it was over....... .

The world went fluid in a big big way after that.

I momentarily woke to woozily find myself being offered a pizza slice on a plate by a (!!?!?!!) individual with a familiar emotional profile and a worried countenance. I nibbled on the pizza, feeling my energy levels revitalized as I did...,and then everything went dark again.

When I next opened my eyes, I witnessed a full anime world..... . A jungle like setting. I heard some really rad singing, singing that was hauntingly beautiful like a summoning litany. The tones were not ugly and forceful like that horrible and unharmonius Horn Of Gabriel. So I raced past what seemed to be a training course, and during a moment where my starlike form slipped from my body, I noted a disheveled Ash Ketchum grafted at my appearance. When I reached a really high up deis of sorts, even panicking to make it to the singing which was reaching a ceremonial crescendo of sorts, I paused....in shock. I noted three Pokemon-ish entities.., akin to fel..felines (???), removing their ceremonial masks, and (???!) "returning to their home plane".....via some sort of vortex...... . As soon as I was about to dive at the vortex, the ceremony was done......and the vortex closed. I was crestfallen..... . Looking to my left though...to a deis overlook from which a horizon of solid jungle was visible, I witnessed a hybridized Glameow / Pokemon talking. The Pokemon was bitter, and listing it's lineage (!????!?)..........before claiming how it would someday acquire the power of a god (???) and also move on.

When I turned around to move on, I went into shock after what happened next....... .

I witnessed 'celestial' 'anime' 'Dawn' (!!!!?!?!!?!!!) gazing right at me, (*gulps*) and not happily. Yea.., with luminous purplish hair (!!!!) (*recalls that purple hair wolf Goddess sighting a couple months back*). The high anime 'Dawny' had hair that was puffing, and an arm or arms that were raised / folded, so I predicted at what was coming. Yea. I noted the Riot Act read at me, figuratively speaking. Yep. I even noted the 'voice' was a "match" to high anime levels.

'Dawny' was like "and ~~~ you~~~!!!"......., and 'venting'.

It took everything I had to maintain frame. That 'Dawn' was crazy hot...... . (*Shakes my head*). Scary too. I think I can guess at the excuse for the fussing. Yea...the one I witnessed last year..really is and was the mutated and "devolved" / "de-evolved" anime 'Dawn' (the exposed core of evil). Looks like I noted anger, and a severely wounded ego......reaction at what I did in self defense the other day. (*Thinks*). (*Notices that I froze in typing for a very long period of time, and, in worry about that, moves on*).

Ummmm, next, I think, came me waking....all wary at a strange and neurotic acting 'Ann***phia' 'R**b'......that was offering cereal (*raises eyebrows in suspicion*) at me. An event collapse must've happened prior to, and then after this event.

Next wvent involved me perceiving this place reassembling I guess, cause I was woozy and checking 2000's Greensboro streets. Mandela Effect touched streets though, because everything seemed semi-futuristic for some moments. I remember trying to fet into some planetarium type place..., but noticed a long line and even room of sitting college age specimens 'sitting'. So I sat. Two XX types that sat at my general vicinity started going on about spammy stuff.... . I groaned inside. But when I smelled at just *horrible* halitosis from the two, I almost threw up. Something really cool happened next...... .

I found this realm disassembled entirely.....save for a sealed elevator with a mirror inside. As if a sign from my overworld self that my prior message was read, I was provided a sanctuary for times when I am in clothing......that *should* *not* be worn around males (by any sane and sentient individual). Yea though.....(*turns green*). I noted a XX chromosome type grafted at me, but while still noting a Negro grafted at me (*gulps*). I seemed to (*innales and exhales in worry and shock*) be wearing...a........red...longskirt, and open shoulders and collar blouse of sorts. Maybe the blouse was red, and the longskirt a darkish color. (*Sighs*). I was shocked to not have to witness linebacker shoulders like usual. But yea...(*shakes my head*). Twasn't me. I couldn't do anything with the 'hair', and there was no blush or flush status indicator capacities had whatsoever facially. I even tried to apply a pinkish / red "blush makeup", to only just shake my head. Me? I'm just glad I retained my marbles, and did not end up 'changed'..aka deranged emotionally / mentally. Yea, I did not think, consider, nor 'feel'.....myself to be "pretty" and / or worth anybody's time in any way, shape, or form (as always). I guess such an act takes a scale of energy necessary to resist at the entropy of every atom / molecule present within the realm of man......., so that knowledge is / was my takeaway from that event.

K. I gotta pace my stamina, so time to close. Next event had me witnessing rear-fanged and dangerous snakes swarming at some strange Subway parking lot trap setting from the 90's. Looked like mambas or taipans. A dude, a Caucasian man, was cowering, tryna cling at me, and asking for help (!?!!!!?)??? I blasted at the snakes. Oh. Yea. I was back to usual Negro male witnessing mode by that point.

I give thanks to the beings who made today's discoveries and adventures possible. I had fun ^_^.

Yea, that anime 'Dawn' 'got' 'schooled'. I'm not putting up with any haughtiness or b***buster 'tude'. I'm not letting em ride at my girl's coattails. I'm not letting em steal at the love and attention my Dawn deserves. Everything the real hyperdimensional Dawn has and is, including her unmatched beauty, was worked for. Strenuously worked for.... . She was not 'born' with it. Those anime clones don't have the right attitude, the attitude necessary to work and make good things happen.
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