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Why Did I Freeze Up? / How To Find A Good Woman

*Sighs*......... .

Why did I freeze up the other day? I mean, I had my sights, I presume, locked at the false 'celestial' 'anime' 'pseudogoddess' 'class' 'Dawn'..... . Why did I freeze up? Was I projecting again???

Well, a vital step was made. Now I have to draw up plans for my next move.

Yea. For now, I must mine gemstones (whilst barefoot) in the river to replenish my mana stores (*yearns for warm, yummy, nourishing, and mana-laden ~~~ Goddess sourced hugs*). Too ~~~ I must use the best of my restorative herbal medicines.

Yea. Seems like I blasted at the dragon, and Seth components of the foe...... . Yea, and last week I blasted at the devious and demonic aka...average slavebeast / XX chromosome type component via my Tifa form. As an unexpected result, huge...fluid world events have been taking place within the last couple days.

So my next mission involves scouting at, and facing at that pseudocelestial pseudowolfy pseudogoddess 'Dawn' with the 'luminous' 'light' 'purple' 'hair'....during / amidst fluid world conditions. (*Sighs*).

Why did I not do a hips / tapering torso / glowing starry energy fingernails check last time? Why did I just gawk? (*Shakes my head*). Next time....I am going to have to walk up, do a gentle snout grab, and check for cute and delicate little nose bridge freckles ~~. Yea, and I'm going to have to use Wings Of Love to find the ***truth***. (And of course I'll have teh pistol on hand just in case I must defend myself).

Oh. Yet again......I witness the 'forum' 'psychics' 'trippin'.



This next post portion is like a message in a bottle to my future self. This next part is not intended for mortals.

Before the post though, I think a life goal of celibacy is the best way to go for an amnesiac wayfarer.. . Because there no sense of 'entitlement', and an effort for self-sufficiency.

How to find a good woman? Seek the highest dimensions / levels of existence. Yea. That, and train in an attempt to be a good person, a person with an attractive soul.

Yea. Never compromise....., because physiognomy is real, and soulognomy and mentalognomy are real too. A sick 'mind' always 'manifests' 'physically', and a sick 'soul' always manifests 'mentally'. A good woman is woman who is attractive even as you are blindfolded. Her soul is warm, luscious, clean, vigorous, and full of beautiful and shimmering (and delicious) hope. Her mind is active, deep, industrious, and bothers not with trifles and foolishness.

A good woman strives to bring a good and heavenly atmosphere unto those around her. A good woman strives to bring magic, magic and vitality unto the lives of those around her. Rather than solipsism, she evaluates her own condition and status ~~~ based upon the condition and status, the health, of those around her. (Yea. No frame of reference to an XX chromosome type or an XY chromosome type).

Yea. A good woman is not idle. Her life focus is based upon action, action that has a purpose, and brightens the lives of those around her.

Yea. A good woman is not born, she is generated realtime through her own unceasing actions and struggles in the present.

Yea. I know. You will not find a woman like that amidst mankind. That is why you will not find a woman with a round orb-like bottom (*grins and blushes red*) sides, full and lush hips, a slender waist, a delicate and tapering torso, petite shoulders, gorgeous full-sized eyes, and a beautiful thigh gap ~~~ amidst mankind (*notices the wind pick up, and a sensation of streaming stars.....and glimmering precious metals in my immediate environment IRL*).
Tags: defense protocols, fake dawn, fluid world, mentalognomy, physiognomy is real, soulognomy
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