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Replenished Mana / Ready To Face At 'Dawn'

My reality manipulation kicked in as I mined, and went into *HYPERDRIVE* as the above photos attest. I'll admit a bit of a secret which I feel guilt about...too.... . So long as I mine with certain intentions, and beforehand.....*wish* to give / send gemstones to a certain somebody whom I just can't stop caring about, I ***always*** find the large gemmy Sapphires and / or S*ll*man*te gemstones.

Yea. I figure the above gemstones will protect me from a couple of 'Dawn's' attacks......(*inhales and sighs*), along with replenishing my mana levels in the meanwhile. (*Recalls how my head throbbed as I held the gemstone in the initially posted photo*).


Yea. I'm gearing up, and preparing to face at that 'pseudowolf' 'pseudogoddess' 'Dawn'....during the next reality flux event. Me? I do not want to fight, but this ***MUST*** be done. I'm so upset deep inside, that I think I'm seeing red. I just can't forgive 'em........... . I do not hate 'em though..... . All the same..., I'm seeing red........ .

(*Recalls at that 'gaze' from a couple days ago*)....... .

Yea. I gotta find the truth, and know if this place is a solo mindscape, or a dual-linked mindscape. It's a matter of saving all existence, all space and time.

Yea. I swear I am not trying to be 'petty'. (*Recalls at the "money spell", as notes '740$' at my Japan trip savings jar*). Yea, it's just if my real (*gasps as I feel a caress as I type*) Dawn was here trialing with me, we should be mining in the river, and having fun each day. Not messing around with stupid drama, and the poisonous / toxic / contaminated fallout from the godawful mistakes like those which any common slavebeast makes. Yea! If she was dual-trialing, we should be mining and having fun! And absolutely loving life! (*Feels a burning in my heart*).


Yea. My Dawn would never stop loving me....... . She's not a quitter. She is brave, fun, dependable, respectable, and loyal. She's noble. Noble, and forever worthy of my trust. I...must defend....and prove.....her honor.
Tags: fake dawn, gem mining, gemstones, mana, mana nutrition, mana replenishment, sapphires, trials
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