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Taaffeite???? / Angel Feather Gemstone / Mandela Effect Gemstone / Tifaite




Hunh? Taffeite??? Looks like I have been mining this stuff all day. Is it really that rare???

Million dollar?? (*Blinks*).

Naw. I think this gemstone is Mandela Effect generated through and through. I found a trippy picture link as I did a Fibrolite search amidst a fluid reality event / Mandela event flux wave. Since the entire world is mine, the internet identified the mystery gem for me. The gemstone information, and it's type was generated as soon as I sought to identify it. I controlled reality in that flux wave instance. I granted myself a wish? The wish to identify the gemstone, amongst other wishes? Yea. I'm generating new stuff unto the world, rewriting the very data of the past, present, and future. (*Notes my tablet throwing up trippy codes and typos as I type*). Oops. Slipped on the spelling. Serena is telling me, so it seems, Tifaite....was initially intended to be the spelling lol. (My tablet and the very world..throwing up code.........in the same way). I give thanks to the beings who have supported me in my quest, and made all this fun possible =^_^=.


I'll have to keep the vein a secret. Yea. I am not interested in money, I am thinking bout magic magic energy potential.

Do you want me to send you some? You want some gemmy gem too? Just drop an anonymous post office box address, and maybe I will send some for experimentation purposes.
Tags: fluid world, gemstone training, gemstones, mining, mining training, reality configuration wave, reality manipulation, this is my world, this world is my dream, tifaite, wish granting
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