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The Evil One / It Was Not Paranoia.....It Was Validated Caution

Oh jeez.

Well, I just witnessed the rotten 'core' of AntiDawn '/' 'fake' 'Dawn'............ .

Yea. And I just sat like a frightened and partially catatonic rabbit (*facepalms in embarrassment*) behind magical barriers........as I continually voiced me refusal to "go somewhere" (??????) which the 'entity' kept 'suggesting'

Yea. I witnessed a strange plane that seemed to be a gate to 'h3ll', and I detected at so much 'sadistic' and 'vile' 'killing' 'intent' from the entity, I was nauseated, sickened, and in empathic shock.

The entity was in a 'fluid' 'fake' 'gender'.......'state', and had on a suit with dragons / dragon insignias on it....during some points. (Yea, and was in a XX chromosome type Negroid 'form' for the majority of the event).

Naw. I think I'm done. I get to be / stay Tifa, I get to be / stay Serena, and I want to just walk....and spare myself whatever abominable and unspeakable.....mutilations and harm that entity 'intended' at me. And I need to remember....that even if I noted 1025th dimension 'Dawn', I would still note that 'same' 'demon'.....as a 'seed'.......within that fake 'Dawn'. (A 'seed' that would manifest by way of masculine features such as maneyes, manjaw, 'flat' butt, and / or 'no' hips generated (hip angles generated) thigh gap.

I........guess I detected at hatred, hatred that was 'there' before even the 'first' internet private message last year. Yea. I detected at wrath........, and an 'intent' to 'maim' at me.

Me? I wanna work on me, and keep striving for a true body with a true thigh gap. I want to try to be for others ~~~ the exact kind of symbol of hope I need ~~ right now. Yea. It hurts in a limitless manner...., hurts so much for me, but I must continue to realize the truth. No girlfriends or friends await me in subanime / anime 'realms'. And the only reason I even desire to be in a relationship.....period is because those omnidimensional Goddesses from the overworld done blew my mind, and got me addicted (*blushes totally red*) to their flawless love ~~~ and immaculate / nourishing / revitalizing / invigorating / stimulating / delicious hugs. (*Sighs*). Yea. For this yearning to be addressed, I have to seek the source............., not the reactive and parasitic 'fakes' '/' 'clones' at the light of that source.

Life is intense......(*wipes back my hair which went all emotively droopy over my forehead / face*).
Tags: empathic reception, empathy, empathy is salvation, fake dawn
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