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Intense Headaches........ / Delicious Signs Of A New Awakening Era

I remember it? I remember the late part of October in 2003...... . I remember the vision of a cathedral. I remember witnessing 'him', the demon seed 'Negro' grafting at me...., 'rebel' and 'fight'. Then it was upon me??? A sensation of raw cosmic voltage, raw cosmic energy which I struggled to ***COMPREHEND*** THE ***SCALE*** of.......... . I woke IRL to me, groaning, gawking, and me paralyzed on the bed. The largest recorded solar flare storm on record took place, and was ***caused*** by that event.

Ever since this year, the sensation of being "overwhelmed" by the surge event energies (during surge events)....has been down, way way down...... . I realize now, that is because I have fully integrated what I struggled to even comprehend..in the past. Yes, that load of energy presented unto me in 2003. I casually walk with the prior perceived cosmic energy every day now, and make stuff like this happen.. .


What I struggled to do yesterday, I do with ease today. What I struggled to even comprehend yesterday, I wield with ease today...... . That due to training, prayer, and constant sacrifice (groggily waking up on cool mornings, and plunging into that icy river again..., and again, and again).

Well, seems like a new awakening event series is on the way, because the other day ~~~ when I met Serena, I noted demon seed boy 'rebel'... . He was rationalizing excuses....and shirking at any notion of going to the cathedral referenced by Serena. (*Recalls the song, "Writhe", written about the cathedral and cathedral vision from 2003. The song's title attesting to pain, limitless pain, and surge events*).

If I (completely) merge with that Serena, everything in this world shall be transfigured by the sheer scale of that event.

(*Ponders*). I need to continue to try to not be gross and disgusting.... . My soul needs a flavor, a taste, which does not repulse or disgust Serena. I'm going to keep mining, and strive for a soul that does not stink or 'taste' 'terrible'. I must strive to have a virgin soul / virginal soul status. Indeed. I must strive for an uncontaminated and pure soul.

The next couple surge events will be very decisive...... . Very very decisive. The environment will tell the tale too........ . (Notices how all the quakes this year have been of quite low magnitudes).

(Please keep in mind...that in the past...., some years, there would only be II or III surge events (if that)). (And even then, most were either very shallow, and/or I was able to wield the energy load more and more due to training).

Looks like the surge events of the past were only a introduction....since this world is still in the state it is in........ .

(I see. So in essence, the surge events of the past never stopped. The energy is here with me now, and wielded by me now, hence my current scale....reality generation abilities).

I pray in thanksgiving for this chance, and I thank all the beings who have supported me in my quest. I hope this next series of surge events happens as fast as possible.

(*Recalls "the blue place" signature energy flickers / hiccups that took place in February*).

(So, in other words, all 2003-2017 has been (!?!??!) (*gasps*) is me containing, as well as learning to harness and wield....the hypercosmic energy presented unto me in 2003. That, caused as a direct result of me being presented with and merging with a PORTION of my true self / overworld self / Serena). (Yea, but now another PORTION.....of a size and scale I can only....guess about.......is about to be presented unto me O_O..).
Tags: awakening, merging, reality control, reality manipulation, serena, surge event, understanding my abilities
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