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Ancient Kyanite And Or S*ll*manite Blade / Uh Oh.......Spotted?????

*Sighs in an exasperated and tired way*. Looks like my secret has been exposed.....perhaps..... .

So I noted Aves chillin at the house today.

After giving some safety glasses which I got (since Aves is a somewhat accident prone (but extreme!y tough) lumberjack)....some weeks earlier, I rode about town getting lawn care equipment. I also got treated to a pizzatime lunch.

After tending to the yard for a bit, I had to rest because my heart condition.

Aves had an idea?

Aves with wife and newborn in tow ~~ decided to take me to gem mine in the next county over.

After a rousing off-road drive that included drifting whilst gazing down 200ft drops, I had an incredible find relating to Garnet gemstones. Seemingly countless and limitless Garnet specimens. I also found this ancient Kyanite / Sillimanite sword specimen after moving over some boulders.

So...., after going back to the campfire, I explained how I use gemstones to defend at ghosts, ghouls, demons, wraiths, and spookies. That was when Anne went all pale, and suddenly talked about having seen a little blonde girl (!????!) with blue eyes O_O (!?!!?!!?!) to the bedroom of my prior living place (a couple weeks after I had moved from it).......... . Yea, and even claimed that that was what made them immediately move....from the place *O_O*. Testing the waters, and not admitting anything, I asked questions using my own true appearance / hair length as a basis for my questions (*facepalms*)......... . Yep. I noted Anne basically describing at my true appearance.....(*winces*). I must've been confused about my new living place back in those days (November)....., and returned to my prior bed to what but note Aves and Anne sleeping and consequently awoken O_O.

Looks like I also recently got caught during a surge event which J, H, and these juveniles spectated at. (The below video is an interview video).

So that makes two (*inhales and sighs*) Homo Sapiens 'family' 'units'........spotting at me. Me? I feel so embarrassed, even though proof is so abundant these days.... . I feel so embarrassed ~~~~ ~_~ .....(*sighs*).

Oh, I *did* speak about the Dakota trip Aves mentioned last year, spilling all the beans......... . I said how that trip was off, and said how I would not be grabbing a certain someone's snout ~~~ nor going to eat to a yumtime restaurant.... . It is what it is........ . Lol. So Aves tried to grab Anne's snout (*cackles*) *^_^*.

Oh. Anne gave these Almandine Garnet?

And this is III of the thousand or so uber gemmy Rhodol**es I mined.

(The asterisks, by the way, are because I do not want J, a full fledged miner these days, finding my webpage / journal). I give thanks for today's adventures, and thank the beings who have made my lifestyle possible.

*Dances happily (to the Koopa Cape underwater theme) about the gemstone finds *^_^* ~~ !*.
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