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The Truth About Free Will And Magic / Toxoplasmosis / "Hive Mind" / The First Disease

I'm going to share a secret today that makes my skin crawl...... .

Warning: Only hyperdimensional beings are welcome to read this post.

I think I understand Serena's lessons, and a very stern warning........ .

Me? My journal / blog is not about hating XX and XY chromosome types. I do not believe in hate. This blog is about education, and utilizing and applying the principles on it...in real life (which is why I do not sweat plagiarists.....). This journal has all the lessons I desperately needed III decades ago.

K. Here goes. (*Feels squeamish*). Ever heard of Toxoplasmosis??? Yea. Tis a parasite that warps it's victims, and makes 'em suicidal.


Yea. No fear toward predators....... . Just like a beta male XY type looking for an alpha male ravaged hot chick to "marry"...? Just like an XX chromosome type senselessly and bestially 'attention' 'whoring' like some dog 'in' 'heat' before killers and rapists?

(*Cringes at the lack of hyperdimensional hip traits / hip angles (aka that disfigured, malformed, and crushed.....mess of a 'lower' 'body') *). (Found the above link via the GL¶ forum, for the record).

Well I got some news for you, some news for the world. The "hive mind" state of ones like 2016 hive mind "New Age" Finkles (gotta go there.......) tis all about infection by atoms, atoms that delete and eradicate at any prospect of decision-making and free will. Atoms are disease particles. Understand? While mankind 'cites' infectious diseases that are viral, prionic, bacterial, fungal based, and protozoan based, mankind never referenced *ATOMIC* infection. All mankind's 'deviant', 'vile', and malapdaptive 'tendencies' are manifestations of the void, the gack, the atomic filth mankind is composed of. Violence, decay, instability, replication (yes....replication), suicidal tendencies, and entropy shown by mankind......are just the atoms acting out from the bottom up. No choice was ever involved with the misbehavior...... . No sentience was ever involved with the misbehavior. No cognizance was ever involved with the misbehavior.

The secret to my free will, my capacity to make choices, and my capacity to *choose* to not hate enemies........is that, as of *now*, I have not been infected by atoms (*shivers*).

Atoms are the first, and the last disease.

(*Understands now my fervent adherence to celibacy, was (???) me avoiding atomic STI / STD*).

Ewwwwwwwww (*goes green and groans*)......... .

The key to magic, true magic, mana magic, is freedom from atomic infection, freedom from atoms... . Magic and free will are directly related, and if a being can make choices / decisions on account of free will, said being can use true magic (reality manipulation). Ones infected by atoms / ones that are atoms.....are "hive mind" dominated, and act out based upon the cursed limitations of atoms.......such as entropy, decay, violence, death....... .

So this means, to keep surviving in future eras, I will have to dodge 'kisses' from atom infected anime XX chromosome types. I'll even have to dodge 'hugs' O_O (I wasn't expecting this)...... .

So free will, too, is actually freedom from atoms / atomic infection.

Mankind is just a slave to the void-based atoms that comprise it.... .
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