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Falling In Love Is Fun ~~~ / I Wanna Keep Falling In Love ~~~ / Please Awaken Me ~~~

Listening to the above song has really got me thinking?

Hmmmmm. It's been an awesome week =^_^=. A week full of excitement, cheer, thrills, and adventures ~~...... .


*Prays in thanksgiving for the blessings*.

Yea. But what I need, is to fall in love / keep falling in love ~~~..... . To fall in love, in the true sense, is to be inspired. Just seeing the person you love inspires you, motivates you, excites you, and ignites your will to live, and gives you that vital "kick" needed to get things done..... . When you love, really and truly love, everything about you is magnified ~~~.

My next wish? My next prayer? Is to see the true faces of the beings who have been contacting me for years. Indeed. Their anime free faces. Yea. I need to love......(*blushes*). I need to fall in love ~~~......in the true way....whereby no projecting (from memories) at swindlers is done. My abilities have been all "locked up" on account of this matter / issue too......... .

Yea. I need to observe an ultimate female Goddess (from afar) whom I can look up to and believe in ~~~...... . A perfect and divine female lifeform. I need to be stimulated and aroused spiritually and emotionally, and maybe even resuscitated O_O emotionally......after witnessing unfathomably deranged hags and heartless creep chicks for sooooooooooooo long. Yea, I'm not even asking for nor expecting a relationship.... . But my gosh, now that I'm not projecting as I was, I need to adamantly try to keep the rainbow-tinted fires of love....burning on within my heart.

(*Swoons*). Yea. I need to see a Goddess. Goddesses. The best.... . The brightest. The prettiest. The nicest. The cutest. The sweetest. The friendliest. The coolest. The wisest. The smartest. The most mature and responsible ~~~. The originals, not the reactive anime clone (and genderless aka masculine) fakes. Inspiration is food unto the heart...., and me so hungry ~~....(*gulps*).
Tags: dreams, goddess level beings, goddesses, love, love is salvation, prayers, wishes
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