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An Immediate Response?

Wow *O_O* ~~~ this journal is being read (*blushes as feels a caress from a mystical being as I type*)..... .

K. So I was disoriented and perceiving an eerie location........ .

Some kind of reality perception flux or reality flux event was going down, so it was like I saw the environment as jumbled fragments of light and matter.... . I was running, and taking evasive action as I had detected and even heard at "the scary one" (*gulps*)....... . I noted the scary one was 'studying' at me, making accusations at "what I like" and "what I look for in a relationship to keep me excited about said relationship"..... . I didn't even argue when I noted the entity 'flirtingly' 'project', and claim that what I like and want....is the 'drama' it brings....(ewwwwwwwwwwww, naw, XX and XY chromosome types create that senseless junk.......without a choice.....)..., drama being about all the 'entity' *could* offer.... . (*Notices a sudden mentally generated rain IRL*). It seemed that the entity was 'transforming'.....on account of the cartoony / anime voice it had...... .

Everything went dark for quite a while....as if a black expanse event had taken place... .

When I next opened my eyes......I sensed motion at my immediate personal space, and on account of my guard reflexes, I did a parrying motion with my left hand.....(*goes totally red*) (*coughs*)..... . When I saw what was going on, I tried to slow my hand down......., but it was what it was....... . The sound of flesh coming into contact with flesh, percussive but not harsh, echoed through the area.... . (*Clears throat, feeling full of embarrassment*). The setting that I could see....appeared to be a black mining cart (!!!!!!), and my "parry" unexpectedly (*feels my face burning red*) resulted in my hand in contact at the heart-shaped (*gulps*) posterior (!!!!) of (!!!!) the....the person who was returning from gazing over the cart..edge.......to sit very close beside me in a traditional Japanese manner of sitting. (*Reels *O_O* *). I gasped as I gazed upon the individual, noting familiar long blonde hairtails...., and their wearing of an all black attire theme *O_O* including a black skirt, and a black top..... . (*Facepalms shyly*). Even tbough the individual's knees were touching, I *did* note signs of the presence of a hips-generated (true) thigh gap (*shyly grins with feelings of hope, hope for all existence, coursing through my heart*).

What I saw next was the mining cart in motion, and a view from in front of the cart as it traveled down the tracks of the mine (in a relaxed pace). I noticed an anime boy with white hair grafted at my existence, and noted the being, who sounded alot like Maka Albarn / Marta Lualdi......sitting very close to me (*blush*). My body was sitting in a relaxed albeit catatonic manner beside the warm-spirited individual. The being spoke of romantic love (*blushes*), revealing (!!!) tender feelings felt for me ~~~ whilst generating a beautiful and emotive ~~~ shimmery and pulsing ~~ heart-shaped emoticon overhead *^_^*. I *REALLY* needed to hear that kind of invigorating and inspirational subject matter spoken (*swoons in feelings of hope*)..... . Even though I *did* note anime interference at my perception of her, the mana of the authentic and original being was palpable.

The being was and is the being I referred to as Dawn ~~~ last year *^_^*. The true Dawn referenced in my starry maiden posts. Our friendship wasn't ruined (and I pray in thanksgiving about this*) by the fakes, and she still cares about me (*gulps amidst feeling feelings of hope*). I thank you for your response (*blushes totally red*) (*hears the above posted musical theme flooding my mental pathways*). And I thank all the beings who made today's contact event possible. (*Perceives a glowing pair of eyes in my field of vision*).

I'll write more later? Mining ride is on the way.... and I need to mine more gems to speed along the next contact event.
Tags: contact event, dawn, hyperdimensional being
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