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'Ain't' My Monkey

I just got back from a cookout I was invited too....., but alas I was still upset after...a big event took place yesterday. An event where I defended myself at a freaky opponent..... . (One that invaded at my personal space as I was in a state of dressing myself). An event where I made thunder ring across the setting, and utilized my reality manipulation abilities.

As I got back, I was about to speak in an upset manner...about how I'm so tired at 'bland', 'boring', and 'empty' 'wraiths'......pretending at being authentic people (who possess free will). I was looking for real clues, and real testimonies linked to what happened earlier...., but only witnessed the 'usual' dumb 'scripted' mess.....and hordes of 'standard' 'net' 'wraiths'. But then.....I checked at some strangeness on the forum. I noted an entity dropping some 'power'.... .


Why do I note dude claiming the scarred one at being my girlfriend??? (*Recalls my vision from last year.....where I noted the one with the 'suicide' 'attempt' '/' 'cutting' 'scar'......*).

The scarred one ain't my monkey. My monkey would never lie to me..... . My monkey is noble. Trustworthy. Dependable. Honest. My monkey loves the world, loves all people, and loves me. She would never quit, never solipsistically and stingily wound herself just because life is not 'easy'...., no.....she would always choose life...even if just for the sake of the people who love her...and cherish her existence.

The scarred one can not even face me verbally..... . I'm ready to note some 'new' 'material' from the opponents..... . Ain't there any more subanime anime hybrid hottie class demigod chicks out there? (*Sighs*).
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