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Sleuthing Leads You Further....

Anime 'isn't' really better.

Yea. Dude missing at the point, but alas.....sleuthing is incredibly vital. Sleuthing is the key to survival / self-preservation.

Yea. The crucial key to sleuthing, for a hyperdimensional being, is to remember that physiognomy is real. When you find the beings with actual hips, feminine hip angles generated thigh gaps, petite shoulders, pert (*goes red*) heart zone features, tapering torsos, round globular-shaped posterior features....., and (thus) the right and true....mana related physiological / spiritual organs....., you will find beings with beautiful, innocent, caring, kind, adventurous, and conscientious hearts.

Yea. Nevermind the fake 'redpill'. Real redpill is about avoiding the devious and incomprehensibly deranged (disease-dealing) XX chromosome types by all means necessary and available.

Yea. It's about survival... . Never assume you know what kind of devious, sick, warped, depraved, wrathful, psychotic, sadistic, masochistic, malicious, tyrannical, megalomaniacal, solipsistic, narcissistic, entropic, suicidal, and sickening 'intentions' reside within the evil ones.

Chest implants / butt implants / surgeries / trick clothing.....and fake 'virtue-signaling' are the weapons of the enemy. Me? I pray I'm ready for when I witness the 'anime' 'outbreak'. I hope I can perform, and back up my words posted on this journal.......with action.
Tags: physiognomy, physiognomy is real, sleuthing, studying at clones, studying at mankind
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