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Mine, Process, Repeat / Mana Replenishment Station / Why Do I Need R&R???

Get the material from the river / streams.... .


Gather the gemmiest and shiniest gemstones.


Flop on a couch or recliner for a little bit, and enjoy the peace and quiet.




And do it all over again.

Yea, I'm enjoying these days =^_^=. I'm embarrassed though........ . Deeply embarrassed........ .

Why do I need so much time to relax and recover??? Why am I needing to snooze, rest, and revitalize? Were the past III decades that emotionally and spiritually grueling for me?

Well...maybe I need this. Some quiet time and resources whereby I can actually live like a human being..... .

Living in a posh setting is bringing back memories from my past through, "triggering" them even...... . I feel like I have lived this kind of lifestyle before, albeit with a pair of gorgeous and adventurous goddess-level beings.......living in the same house as me *O_O*....... .

Yea, I'm so confused... . Why am I so hungry to see and meet those Goddesses again? (*Blushes*). These are straight up cravings....(*blushes and covers my face*).

Searching for any signs of Goddesses whilst witnessing mankind, is like looking for signs of youthful, beautiful, sane, intelligent, and vibrant cuties witnessing the Alzheimer's ward of an 'old' 'folks' 'home'.

Yea well for now I am just going to have to suffer.........with these cravings. That, and learn from them. I am...just...used to being in the presence of the highest caliber lifeforms, the most immaculate and spiritually clean ~~~ beauties....that ever were or ever will be....... .

Interaction with Goddesses is devastating.......(in the positive connotation)...... . They are devastatingly beautiful, and hauntingly interesting / mysterious / fun / inspirational. XX types are no 'substitute' or even "reminder" for / of them.

Yea... . Even in mining, and feeling elementally charged gemstones against my skin and in my house, it is like I am....too....just chasing the memories of my beloved and my beloved. Yea. Jeez.... . I *literally* hunger for them. (I'm so embarrased (*facepalms*)). Hunger for that sweet and ***delicious*** elemental mana which they emanate from their bodies and skin (*swoons and exhales, hungering for their delicious mana charged hugs*) (*sighs*)........ . Hunger and thirst for that way they make my heart race ~~~ (*swoons*).....with exhilaration, hope, inspiration and limitless excitement.

Lol. You'll only find writing like this on the internet here ~~ hunh ;P.

Ooooohhhh~~~....me so hungry~~~~.

(I give thanks to the beings that have made my lifestyle possible. I will try to do whatever I can to manage with this intense hunger...... . What are these??? Are they mana cravings?? Are they a sign that I am about to reach a new level in my awakening / the reawakening of my abilities??? Oh ~~~...I'm so hungry.........).
Tags: house of gems, house of gemstones, house of mana, house of my dreams, hunger, mana cravings, mana replenishment
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