Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
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'Choronzon's' 'Abyss'.....

I'm just writing here, to say that I'll be making a decision......soon.... . If I......KEEP, noting 'no' 'shows', then I am going to just embrace the seeming fact that I am witnessing 'Choronzon's' 'Abyss'.......... . Such would explain why, thus far, I have noted 'run' 'around' 'after' 'run' 'around'...., 'imposter' 'after' 'imposter'. Maybe I'm just noting 'abyss' 'antiforms'...., 'risen' 'from' 'nothingness', 'that' 'lie', 'and' 'steal' 'at' 'the' 'identities' of REAL~ AND GOOD~...PEOPLE~. I'll be making my decision soon..... . I mean, I ALREADY proved that I note 'a' 'false' 'reality' by mentioning at 'the' 'Japan' 'AND' (!!!) 'Thailand' 'tsunamis' as I witnessed '2004'...... . I'll be making a decision soon..... .
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