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The Secret To How I Never Die........ / What Defines Actual Lifeforms

It is official for me now... . After I've seen it so many times, and after I have experienced this world being reset so many times (like after meteor related events)......the only sane option is just to accept it..... .

You know those stars in the night sky that you see when you gaze up into the heavens?

Have you ever seen the cosmic depths...., the expanse that just seems to keep going forever?

That is my true form, my true essence, and so long as that is there, I'll always, too, find myself...observing myself from within......via a body, via many bodies *O_O* (each of which are within varying layers of existence).

All actual lifeforms were never born, and generate their own time, space, matter, and energy.

(*Senses stellar energy radiating from this body which I type with IRL, albeit briefly*).

Yea. Any environment, every environment, is sentient...... . Sentient..., and has a focus.

There are no tricks to my environmental control capacities..... .

The science "terms" of biotic and abiotic are false, creating a false schism at what is actually a unified whole.

Any body from which I type in here, is the focus / focal point / mouthpiece / communication system of all those stars which you see in the night sky of this realm. I am the environment, and the environment is me.

(*Understands now.....how and why I must strive for a beyond anime environmental body*).

Here is a song about the matter, a song recorded X years ago.

!!!!!. (*Feels the sensation of onsa across my skin*).

Every time my Tifa form / Serena form is perceived, massive environmental fluctations are also perceived.... . Hmmmmmm...... . (*Understands, suddenly, the scope and scale of what I called "fluid world events"......*). (*Thinks about the data processing.......that must be required for such "fluid world events"*).

I need to think for a while on this........ .

(*Recalls the solar flare triggering waves which pulsed the environment XIII years ago*).

(*Considers what a wave of energy pulsing through every star within the Milky Way, and all observable galaxies would look like*).

(*Analyzes all available information on the subjwct matter*)...... .
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