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Reality Quakes / Massive Brain Wave Amplitude Spikes / Fou Lou And Ryu????

After getting nostalgic, thinking about Nina ~~~ (*blushes red*) and all the joy she has brought unto and into my life, and playing electric guitar to some Breath Of Fire IV themes last night around midnight, I got all woozy (!!!!!) and disoriented..... . I struggled to put up my guitar, and even after taking some herbal medicine for energy / focus...., I was still woozy. I decided to flop.... .

Well.., I am back now after ***HUGE*** events, and aside from maybe this.....

...I note a 'total' 'blackout' at any realistic and coherent news as I check at G*P and the internet news headlines. 'Inherently' biased scientists 'are' 'not' and would never...openly report realtime oscillation spikes regarding the matter in this world. Yea, so like I did in 2004.., *I* have to bring the news.

So..what happened after I flopped??? I found reality seeming jumbled, and eventually, after finding vast amounts gemstones like these.....


...utterly saturating the environment (!!!) in both quantity and energy emissions, some event relating to space and time took place..... . It was as if I..saw portions of my being...(which Ryu and Fou Lou dubbed at...for the record)..merging somehow, resulting in me towering into the sky.....and doing *something* to the environment in the process.

The system of phsics went through wild oscillations, and amidst those I found myself noting a crazed Finky (in Negro morph state) freaking out and venting drama at me...... . I avoided naturally....until the next event happened.... .

Yea. So, by what happened moments ago....I can piece together my *PAST*, and know *exactly* what happened.... . A fluid world event took place as I witnessed 1986, and settled down back then.........which lead to the progression of years as I knew them. Fluid world events are, in essence, a revealing of how this world worked and was assembled all along....... . (*Cringes as takes not how all the events of today had precursors yesterday..which I did not report on this internet journal*). Okay.... . So moments ago....I found myself noting 'the' '80's' again........ . (Yea, but with advanced technology........in a true sense). I noted a 'hospital'...., and (*groans a bit*) I noted a 'curly-haired' 'Caucasian' XX type juvenile grafted at me.... . I was hooked up to manifested brain wave reading equipment which I generated of my own will, equipment that was advanced...... . My brain activity not only showed seizures which horizontally made recorded pages almost seem solid black, but also *spikes* vertically that rose up many many many many pages (!!!!)....before lowering back down again to basic and anemic brain functionality levels (which clearly indicated coma status overall). Monitors regarding my heart went all trippy and red...within a couple wave pattern events, and specifically after a event where the brainwaves spiked to really really high seeming heights (up VII pages in height or so). I studied carefully at a strange nurse that I suddenly noted appear, one in 'vintage' '80s' 'clothes'.

After watching at a strange man, a Caucasian dude...., doing a schmaltzy 80's show 'concerned' 'dad' 'look' at me for quite a while, I came to my senses...... . I realized I must have been about to do a progressive reset of / for this place, and about to note another set of fake payrents 'shipped' 'in'..... .

(*Gulps*). I am enthusiastic and willing though. If I perceive an advanced reset, I may note an 'updated' '1986' whereby I have access to starships / a starship......and much needed resources.... . Too, I will have the treasure of redpill...., and that even if I note Caucasian XX chromosome type grafted at my existence for a couple days and or years..... . What I would do? I would work my way to noting an anime XX chromosome type body......and then far beyond (where real organ systems with real and actual purposes are present).... .

Hmmm. I am going to try to stay inside and keep a low profile IRL today..... . Seems a massive massive massive surge event is due within the next couple days to a week or so........... .

I'm glad I did not, like some beta fool, have Finky and Co. in here. I can not even imagine what kinda horrific drama and overall bi*c**ness the enemy 'woulda' 'planned' at a day like this. (Prolly a Jerry Springer style gimmick announcing a preggers Finky 'courtesy' of that supposed Tennessee bum / fictional character)......... .

I give thanks for the chance to have had the lessons I have had and I give thanks for all the assistance and love I have been shown. Yea. I can handle noting a Caucasian XX chromosome type grafted at me...and still adhere to my morals, my sensibilities, and my beliefs..... . (Yea, and I'll keep knives and guns kept on me too...and that as a backup for defensive magic and ki based karate / kung fu......). (Yea. None of that virtue-signaling SJW b*******.... . I want to be prepared).
Tags: glitch day, reality configuration wave, reality manipulation, reality quake, reality seizures, surge event
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