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Crawling Into Waterfalls / I Love Living In This World / Mining The Gemmy Reds

I do not know if it is these gems, or the awesome visions I have been having lately (of some massive high-tech underground complex which was heralded by a spire-topped shrine), but I'm feeling *PUMPED* :D!!!!!!

I spent today crawling through waterfalls, warding away at snakes, and getting the gemmy reds needed to take my mana training to the next level. Like I said. This journal is not RP. Yea, and just like my house.......


....it is not a place for cowards and weaklings that wanna make excuses and p*** poor ('hamster') rationalizations for being weak and lazy.

This is the only journal of it's kind on the internet. This house is the only of it's kind on the planet.

Me? I'm just getting warmed up...... .

Yea. Not only am I seeing flashes of elemental mana / colors during surge events IRL now, but I am also having visions that show me where to dig for the elementally charged gemstones I need.

I give thanks to the beings who have made my lifestyle possible. I will keep trying...and training....in an effort to live up to your expectations.
Tags: gem mining, gemstone training, gemstones, mana
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