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Highest Mana Concentrations On The Planet

After all of my mining adventures (where I integrate with the gemstones in the environment and literally wear them like a coat), and after all of my surge events........, there is now a permanent dome of energy....in this region. Elemental energy that acts as a magnet for feminine beings, mana based beings...... . And with this....., my biggest redpill confirmation moment / aha moment.....has taken place....... .

Actual female beings instinctually use elemental mana for everything from navigating their environment, to nutrition, to self defense, to hygiene, (*blushes red*) to even romance related choices. Elemental mana lets actual females cause massive earthquakes, torrential rainstorms, hurricanes, wildfires, and stellar events...... .

A female being instinctually hungers for mana, hungers for high concentrations of mana........ . A natural "beacon zone" has been effect for this region for quite some time....... . The "smell" of the mana has traversed the planet. Even so, I (not surprisingly) actually note XX chromosome types repelled at the elemental energy and the incredible gem mining bounty present in this region. Yep. Utterly oblivious and blind......at the cosmic energy bounty. Lol. This web log and the mining spots of this region...both..have exactly the SAME effect at XX chromosome types..... . (*Recalls at a Bible passage about not casting pearls before __________........*).

Yea..... .

I really was disorientedly projecting hunh?

Real women, real magical beings, are in the field.....mining gemstones, integrating with nature, and addressing their intense hunger for mana..... . They don't have time for petty foolishness and trifles..... . They are goal-driven, ambitious, and hungry for mana......, not 'tame'.....and 'caged'. XX types don't have an instinctual appetite for, nor an instinctual recognition of mana in any way, shape, or form. XX types do not hunger for mana....... . (*Facepalms*). (Nor generate mana)......... . XX types do not crave for mana.

Well, I guess I can hang it up now hunh......? My search for a dual-trialer..... . My LJ is the only mining LJ I have ever seen....... .

Oh, before I go, I noted Finkles 'contact' at me as I dimension dove after midnight. I noted a reaction at my last post? I ain't meant to harm, it just is what it is. It's me straining here, having to try to do all the work...... . Ain't no XX type I ever witnessed...even dare to do what I do....... . Yea, and I'm okay with that.


Tags: elemental mana, gem mining, mana is food for the soul, mana nutrition
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