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Good Clean Fun / A Light Intensity Surge Event

I was up late last night, and way into the morning....after unexpectedly finding some potential data to chew on..... .

Yea..... . I've been watching at anime again.....(but only during the night). I actually had flashbacks as I noted 'Hikari' (the 'blond' 'vampire')..... .

So as soon as I dimension dove, I woke up to a dark room, and I was in a bed....... . The setting was fluid, but congealing to what looked like a formal bedroom.... . I soon discovered (*groans*) that I was not noting a Negro XY chromosome type like usual..., yea, and that because I was not wearing clothes (*cringes*)....... . Gasping, I stood up, wrapped a bedsheet around myself, and in the process (*facepalms*) gathered that I noted a subanime anime hybrid 'demi' grafted at me. I froze though as I witnessed gloomy and bleary 'shapes', 'faces', forming.......at other beds / areas of the room... . I instinctively realized that it was like XXXI years ago all over again......and I was about to spectate 'mobs' / NPC's 'dropped'...... .

I didn't have time for that nonsense :P. I did not even give the enemy time to ad-lib a fake story at who I was, where I was, or the circumstances. I *RAN*!!!! Clothes materialized onto me as I ran, and I ran through a fluid wall and into a humid night setting. The environmental setting instantly shifted to a daylight setting within moments, and I savored what it felt like to run again *^_^*!!!! Yep. No having to hold back due to chest pains or palpitations.....(I guess a Negro male 'heart' just can't keep up with my needs and lifestyle).

Reality quakes / matter restructuring storms were taking place, but I scoped the scene......on the run... . Seems I noted a dingy hotel type setting (*raises my eyebrows*). I saw a pool though.......(*facepalms*) (*cackles*).... . Ideas raced through my head...... . A Negro NPC ad-libbing as a draconian receptionist...popped outta nowhere... . Maybe that was when I slipped back to noting a XY chromosome type Negro grafted at me again........(*winces*)... .

I jumped into the pool (*grins*), and did some laps (*cackles*)......finding that I and the environment had ki propulsion capacities enabled. By the time I leapt from the pool (*suddenly recalls markers on the far side of the pool indicating 15ft depth*).., the pool which kept going fluid in size and depth, there was a grand and posh looking mega hotel / resort in front of me.... . I ran inside (*cackles*) *^_^*!!!! Yea. I was just straight up playing :D. Just like a kid would and should??? (*Blushes*). I kept periodically noting XX to XY chromosome type and subanime to anime flips (at my point of view)....as I ran, but I was still happy lol ;P. I was laughing, dodging NPC's, and (*rubs my scalp*) suddenly perceived myself as having....(???) cat ears, and a poofy maid's dress...as I beat feet through the luxurious halls :D. I did a ki-utilizing baseball slide down hall...and under some kind of wooden structure to dodge an NPC maid cutting off at my running path. I glanced up at the scowling subanime Asian NPC, and then laughed as I heard at the NPC....do a cell phone report about a "he-she" "worker" "running amok"....... .

I guess I ran through another wall, and found myself observing a dark and hilly / montane environment. For some reason I said words that sounded (???) trippy, maybe even "German" (????), and a black expanse type event / flash happened while I was on my feet. Cosmic energy was amassed around me......., and then everything went black for a long while........ .

When I woke next, I was in a bed with white sheets, and a sunlit room that was not my usual bed here IRL..... . I was back to the usual in regard to my point of view (Negro dude). The bed sheets began to flutter and whip as if an intense source of wind was in the room, and it was clear to me within moments that a surge event was upon me. Torrents of ancient energy burst forth from within my being......, and I was a bit paralyzed by my own energy exploding forth and overwhelming me. That was when I felt a "jostle" to the bed...., and detected at an approaching entity (*cringes*).... . Before I even witnessed a translucent face hovering at my left side, I could tell via my spirit senses and empathy that I was detecting a chick. A chick with 'sex' 'on' 'their' 'mind'......... . I charged up my energy, and recited vows of celibacy, my pledges of abstinence....., as I tried to make distance from the translucent and clear.......subanime face approaching at my left side. For some reason I did not even see the entity's 'body'....... . Everything went bright white after I released an omnidirectional wave of defensive energy.

The next bit, the next couple scenarios actually, were very very trippy..... . They mainly revolved around me resisting at a demigod (*cringes*), 'peak' 'power' 'Jordie', baiting and suggesting weird stuff... . 'Kissing' 'stuff'. Sex stuff..... . Three (*cringes*) specimen sex stuff...... . 'Jordie' was trying to 'turn' 'on'....Jaggimus? (*Cringes*)........... . I'm not a 'biological' 'automaton' with predictable "turn on" "buttons" though... . I do not have "kinks", "fetishes", nor the icky and programmed "sexual subroutines" which afflict ***ALL*** XX and XY chromosome types. I had no response to give 'Jordie'..... . After I did not respond to a Jordie's anime-style confession of "I want to kiss you ~~~"....., I witnessed a display I don't want to talk about on here.......... .

(*Sighs*). Guess I better watch my back IRL? Lest I find 'Jordie' at my driveway IRL........ . Yea. The enemies are acting weird... .

I wanna keep it clean, keep it fun. I don't have time for that sex stuff. All the ones that do or did sex are weaklings... . Yea. Depressed, unhappy, empty, and weak.
Tags: fluid world, surge event
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