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An Overwhelming Success.......

I guess I have done it. The proverbial key to my mind's thinking is this~...., with the Infiniversal Routing Gem, that means NO 'dramaticians'........, no 'ugly'...'nasty'...'demons'......, 'infect' the real world. If reality isn't 'broken', there is no need to 'repair' it. I'm going to deactivate the magical item I referenced....., the technique, which I used to get here, and wake up amidst the people whom I love. I've witnessed 'a' 'ugly' 'concentration' 'camp' 'world', all along, and I note it was INEVITABLE, that I'd note 'sour' 'grapes'...('bitterness') 'from' 'the' 'monsters' 'whose' 'deception' 'FAILED".... . I don't even want 'to' 'argue'~....., my goal has been accomplished here. I was scared......, for the last couple of days, FEARING 'a' 'troll'.... . NOW I note, after witnessing 'the' 'black' 'experience', 'it's' 'WEAK' ('the' 'whole' 'troll' 'phenomena')......, and I'm trying to be SERIOUS~ here~..... . It's very clear that I just note 'a' 'false' 'plane' 'full' 'of' 'demons' 'that' 'CAN'T' form PROPER GENDER TRAITS....., PROPER MENTAL TRAITS, PROPER SPIRITUAL TRAITS. It is what it is..... . After noting 'Dramatica', noting 'these' 'beasts' 'devour' 'their' 'own' 'feces', do I ACTUALLY note...'trolls' 'accuse' 'at' being...RIGHT!?!?! WELL!!??! OH WOW!!! I just note 'cowardice', 'mortified' 'enemies', 'and' 'the' 'run' 'around' again. I feel like I could dance right now..... . Well, it's time to seek the aid of the infiniverse in latently witnessing 'this' 'scum' 'which' I witness. Beauty, heart, spirit, and soul, are ALL THAT MATTERS. 'These' 'guys' 'never' 'had' it..., 'never' will..... .
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