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New Kind Of Time And Space Event.... / Unloading A Massive Truth

I just made it back from some massive space and time event that was precluded by me witnessing assassin gambits. Assassin gambit after assassin gambit. (*Recalls at the strange Caro*** covered in icky sores / lesions..., and the clues attesting that the event was a fluid world event*).

As always, my abilities are always unpredictable and depend on the moment.

Looks like my life choices have sparked some new abilities... . But before I talk about that, I need to unload some truth..... .

'Soulbonders', 'fictionkin', 'otakukin', and 'otherkin' ain't anything special...... . Just like how I discovered....Finky is / was 'Marona' of Phantom Brave, and just like I found even Ket***o had an 'anime' 'blonde' form...., ***EVERY*** subanime specimen out there has an anime form. A dangerous form with 'far' 'far' 'far' 'higher' 'ratings' at every catagory: speed, agility, intelligence, athleticism, wisdom, beauty, charisma, magic, and gender specific features...... .

Tis like the answer at the chicken and egg parable. Which came first? Neither........ . Subanime and anime are flip sides of the same coin. Any and every anime specimen out there has a subanime 'form' '/' 'root'.... . Any and every subanime specimen out there has an anime 'form' '/' 'crown'.

Whether it is because I witness ruthless deception and obfuscation, or because I genuinely note ones with Alzheimer's / dementia, the 'kin' stuff ain't anything special. The biggest (and worst executed) con job of the enemy is and was 'restricting' "coming out" to the most sickly looking and "economically broke"....."basement dwellers"..... . Those are the straw men. The ones '*meant*' to fail and look ridiculous...as a means to attack at my position, claims, and even faith. Yea. Stinky and nasty straw men with decayed teeth, bad manners, blatantly antisocial tendencies, and not a thing to show (no situationally adequate amount or types of gemstones, no photos or movies of trips and adventures, no privately managed houses / workstations, no public journals, no IRL meetups, and no means or intentions of supporting any of the other token straw men). The 'main' otakukin / fictionkin / SB'ers are amongst the *ACTORS* and 'elite'...observed when I check at subanime movies...even now. For example......"Emm* Wats*n", SJW mogul, is Shizuka Marikawa from HSOTD (and a host of other anime personas)...... . A**asophia *obb is another subanime anime hybrid (that was 'blacklisted' for looking too much like anime.....apparently).

I'll even go a step further. The main otakukin / fictionkin are the 'Illum*n*ti'........ . The ones "making the laws", and creating all that SJW propaganda from behind the scenes.


(I am going to describe this event briefly as I have gem mining / mining load processing to attend to today).

K. So after dodging goons for quite some time during a space and time flux event today, and after surviving at attacks from contact toxins to tank shells, a surge event was ***TRIGGERED***. Triggered by a hunger for justice...... . After a conscious and (perhaps initial) fully controlled surge event, I observed and wielded a total physics control ability....which involved a glowing green and purple "bubble" around me. I had no link whatsoever to even one atom (!!!!) from any realm of man...., and I was protected by an absolute barrier which granted absolute invincibility at evil. In other words, I perceived the barrier that ***HAS*** to explain how I survived at the deity assaults from Jehovah and the like..in the past. On top of that, I was ***generating*** time, *ACTUAL* time, on a seeming universal level. It was like I was time...., was space, and even temporally / chronologically.....I was absolutely shielded and separate at mankind (!!!!!!!) (!!!!???!!!!!!).........and any alterations at my existence (!!!!!!!).

I walked forward and took mental notes about the field around me. After some moments though, ....a blue tinted light / field spread from the green / purple field .... . A blue field with an energy I have felt before, felt in the past (!!!), felt whilst witnessing the 90's (and using a Nintendo). I continued forward at a hall full of crazed hostiles, and gestured with a parting motion. I noted the enemies 'recede' at the blue field which was synchronized to my gesturing. Recede, but also '*DEVOLVE*' to mutated and malformed......dystrophy afflicted.......status states accompanied by tantrums, and 'frustrated' 'crying'.... . (*Recalls at one that had an adult man's arms (covered in Herpes blisters), and a head of a "6 year old*)....... .


While 'debuffs' are not my style, I think I have possibly identified the reason as to why I feel so exerted over the years. I think that field, that ability seen today, has been in a state of passive to active operation........all along. It is how I do not get mollywopped by a band of anime assassins even now as I type...... . The only way I got here, IRL, was because I noted frumpy and dumpy enemies with poor fighting powers on average (during my waking moments)...... . I get it now........... .

This event gives me a lot of data to analyze... .

I'll think over it all as I sort R*bies and S*pphires this afternoon....... .
Tags: anime, reality manipulation, special abilities, surge event, the anime conspiracy, time manipulation
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