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Gemstones, Guitars, And Goddesses / Stunning Gemmy Red In Matrix

Life for me ~~~ is about the III G's *^_^* =^_^=!!!!

Gemstones, guitars, and Goddesses!!!

I was going through my mining material (full of little reds) from yesterday.....

...when I saw this stunning and gemmy red find!!!

The fire mana, the celestial mana within, got me feeling all pumped ^_^!!!

I'm ready to rock!!!

Ready to party ^_^!!!

I had my pizza, so it's time to grab me VI string, amp it up, and get to rocking to *this* song!!!!!

Maybe I'll post a little video of it later. Then again maybe not if I rock myself to sleep lol.

Yea. Seems my monkey loves it when I play that starlight rock and roll *O_O*...., so maybe she'll drop by again *^_^*. (*Blushes red as remembers her loving, ecstatic, and happy kisses to my cheek*). (*Swoons as remembers the mana taste of her yummy yummy delicious mana-laden cheek kisses*)..... .
Tags: gemstones, goddesses, guitars, mining
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