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Coughing Up Crystals???

An intriguing event took place for me...amidst dimension diving..... .

Some point....amidst walking through eerie expanse after eerie expanse..., I felt something in my throat / trachea. Whatever it was...was causing me issues with eating.... . I decided to do something about it, so I reached into my mouth, and pulled. Whatever it was, it was stretchy, and yet very dense..... . A criticial point was reached...where whatever it was dislodged, and I threw it on the ground. As I gazed at the trippy mass on the ground....., I suddenly had something happen that was like a mix of a sneeze, a cough, and a vomit blast take place. I covered my mouth before it happened, and as such I felt a sensation of *weight* in my hands (!!!!). Another sneeze vomit cough thing took place, and then I felt even...more...weight and mass "land" in my hands.

Lowering my hands, I saw that (!?!???!!!!?!!!) I was holding a pair of large and gemmy white....crystalline clusters / specimens that seemed very ancient *O_O*...... . Makes me wonder.... . Were those deactivated Infiniversal Routing Gem fragments, or just the results of me clearing some kind of ancient crystallized mana.......that had been causing congestion issues for my respiratory / cardiopulmonary energy pathways for decades??? A state of matter shift obviously took place for the ejected objects, because the objects were wider than my throat and mouth. Hmmm..... . Crystal generation.............. .

Generating crystals..... .

(*Ponders*)...... .
Tags: data analysis
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