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The Moment Of The Highest Clarity And Lucidity I've Ever Experienced... / It's Really Real

I am still confused about what just happened....., but I need to write this. I *REALLY* need to write this....... .

The key to victory, the key for anybody to succeed, is humility and an objective view of reality / the world (which is, as such, based upon observation)...... . ?

So, as I am striving for victory, I must admit that "progress" for me......was in the past. All I have done since noting 1991 / 1992 was find the "why" to my situation. You see, after more than XXV years, I *now* understand what happened in the past. Ok. Here goes.

Real progress here.....was in the past. Yea, before 'internet' 'trolls', before 'mainstream' 'anime', before the otakukin / fictionkin / otherkin / SB'ers / LGBT spam...... .

I now realize that the initial fluid world events took place for me decades ago. But the biggest of them, also had me about to MOVE ON from here!!!!!

I remember it? I remember at the 1990 / 1991 January event? Yea. A couple days where what I "called"....."visions" took place. Naw, those were fluid world events. I remember it now? Me, feverish, reeling, and noting a fake payrent minister.....demanding me being to church on a Sunday. I remember it... . I remember reeling, and fainting as I witnessed the pastor's study couch to that Hallsboro church....... . Mmmhmmm. An event happened, where I saw any and all subanime ones were crazed and evil.....demonic entities born of h3llfire......, and my perception went all wild.... . That was real.......(*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*). That was a fluid world event that took....place here..... . Oh, but there is more..... .

The next day (???) I was dizzy, spasming, and throwing up whilst the walls, the ground, seemed to quake and move.... . Visuals of cities submerged by tidal waves....passed through my head, and arcane knowledge was suddenly upon me??? I had to throw up, throw up an object of a planetary or even galactic mass, but doing so would mean me not witnessing mankind anymore. Yea. Me.....and my morals (*groans in agony*), saying how I did not want to "destroy the world"....., in other words 'mankind', held back a planetary (???) or even larger scale mass within myself. A mass I confusedly referred to as "Pluto" on account of visuals showing a large rocky / grayish / white mass about to be thrown up. A mass that had energy emissions that seemed multiversal and all-encompassing in scale.... .

Yea. All I have done since then, too, is found the "why" and the "how". Now since I understand states of matter, like converting solid matter (dark matter) to energy (dark energy) and then converting that energy back to solid matter, I understand how I can contain a planet-sized mass within me even now. Maybe the Infiniversal Routing Gem.....which I wrote about ago, is the size of a planet. Maybe even a literal planet...... . Pluto. Hmmm. Hades... . Hmm. Oh. The name may be significant, the name I said ago O_O (since I have discerned (through field observation) subanime subhumans are inherently evil, demonic, and 'imprisoned' 'in' 'an' 'underworld').... .

Well I hope my confused effort for charity did not cost me my life.......... .

That event was my window, that event was my gate....... .

No Japan trip would change that fact. Not even finding a massive private starship in this...zone......would change that fact.

I really do not mess around when it comes to trying to protect people hunh. But back then, I was confusedly projecting...... . Projecting my ideals about who and what actual people are, at irredeemable, sadistic, and dangerous demons. Yea, and I only witnessed those demons go crazy since then...; that, and create fake diseases and fake "treatments"??...as a countermeasure at the next time such an event would take place (which hasn't even happened yet).

So the other day, those "chunks", were crystalline / rocky masses, fragments, of The Infiniversal Routing Gem??? Were they deactivated??? If so, are other portions of the gem crystalline and purple?? Hmmmmmmm............. .

Well, I give thanks to the beings who have made my long long loooong awaited.....current lucidity levels possible. I have a lot to think about today.

Hmmmmmm. Even if my memory had "an issue" in the future, or even if a drastic reset were to take place, I would always come back to the same conclusions and beliefs via observation. This is all real. No stupid anime gimmicks are necessary.
Tags: analyzing fluid world events, infiniversal routing gem
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