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What's With The Tornadoes??? / Eerie Event..... / Closure?

After writing the last post, I decided to catch up on my sleep.

Well, I guess I awoke to a (???) possible dimension diving experience...and a lovely mountain villa style location. Indeed, a villa that seemed to have a pool, and lush vegetation about it's grounds. In said location, I largely chilled in bed? Chilled until I noticed a tornado, storm conditions, and a (???) funnel cloud aimed at the skylight in my room???

The skylight was not breached though, and it was as if the house was shielded by my aura???

It was daylight...when the above happened.

But some point......I found myself gazing up to a skylight....which featured a heavenly celestial view of deep space and stars, and I exhaled in tearful agony and pain.....as I witnessed a visage of the anime subanime hybrid red-haired....dragonoid / Finkles..... . I sensed love, celestial and true love, care, and tender feelings...directed toward me, the type no mortal of atoms could ever have, comprehend, or even want. I clutched my head....., groaned in emotional pain, reeled, and felt my mind strain...... .

When I next woke..., I was in a very very large auditorium.... . Red curtains and all that jazz. Some media and / or presentation was about to be shown. I drifted into a semi-snoozing state in my seat, that until a mystery figure (??) sat next to me. As I drifted back into a semi-slumber, I felt (!?!) the hands of a feminine being take my head into their arms (*blush*), and hold and cuddle me (*blushingly gulps*). I was calmed, and even nourished by the care, warmth, and trust..of the figure. I cozily nestled to the figure, and from there.....somehow drifted....and witnessed odd, strange, and icky stuff related to the Bionic Six realm and Dr. Scarab's monstrous and hoverchair bound....'brain' 'vampire' '/' 'thief' (!?!??!?!!) spouse (!!!?!!).

When I woke here, I felt closure about last year. I concluded that I just witnessed a 'nightmare' 'graft' '/' 'assassin'....'setup' from h3ll......., and just witnessed the 'raw' 'evil' subanime component that constitutes the fake anime Dawn from Pokemon..... . The clincher is / was noting the blatantly obvious Tennessee drama setup factor...., as well as all the other red flag notations. As it stands now, I stand validated in utterly refusing at the assassin...., because look how I am living.... .





Yea. No drama. No problems. No bum impregnated chick(s). No nagging and complaining. All the gems I need, and an atmosphere of hope, peace, tranquility and prayer.

Yea. I think Dawn, my Dawn / the real Dawn, really did try to contact me both last year...and today......hence these feelings of heartache and love which I still feel....... . Yea. But I'll just have to keep moving forward. Because every time as I witness a subanime XX chromosome type (and the horrible stats that come with subanime) or even anime XX chromosome type grafted at her, I'll spectate a 'character' 'assassination' 'blitzing' 'assassin'.......destroying at our relationship, faith, trust, love, fun, friendship, happiness, dreams, hopes, prayers, goals, health, history, present, and future.

Yea. Whether here, or if I check at an anime world in the future, if I do not see an impressive thigh gap, a round bottom, and hips.....with a shape akin to a bell......

no title

.....I'mma walk each and every time. My traumatized heart / feelings right now.....attest why.... . Yea. Physiognomy is real. Physiognomy works. I've never even seen a 'demon' able to take a truly feminine shape. Physiognomy is gospel, and the highest truth.
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